Friday Finds

I went Black Friday shopping and got a couple of cool things out of pretty good deals.

I went to Hot Topic which had $10 tees! And I own a lot of tees. I couldn’t resist from buying at least one, but I limited myself and I’m actually quite surprised by how much “self-control” I had. I still did buy quite a few things I probably didn’t need even despite claiming I have “self-control”, but I still wanted to “treat myself” as Aziz Ansari says.


Already wearing new things…

I only got the Legend of Zelda Shirt and the Pizza Planet shirt, okay? ONLY two. I swear. I also got the Baymax phone case new! Isn’t he cute?!?! I love Big Hero 6. I cried twice watching it. It was a real tear jerker.

My hat is from Spencer’s which has the Deathly Hallows symbol on it (something new to add to my never-ending Harry Potter collection). I never had this type of hat before, so I’m really glad with that purchase. I also got two mugs from Spencer’s as well which I thought were so awesome. 


A Sonic and Donkey Kong mug. I know. The other side of the DK mug is his backside. It’s great.

Also, our coffee machine broke recently so we checked out the coffee machines at Macy’s and we found that winner up top. We didn’t try it out yet, but it looks handy. Can’t wait to drink some coffee out of our new mugs.

A new store called Lolli & Pops opened up at the mall and out of curiosity, we checked it out. The store, as you might have guessed from the name, sells different types of candy and sweets, but popular ones from all around the world as well. They had a European and Asian section and my family and I freaked when we saw Turkish chocolates! I wanted to look at more of the different kinds of sweets they had, but I’m definitely going to check out more next time I go. There was a soda pop area and-drum roll please-they had BUTTERBEER. I got that of course.

I couldn’t resist from getting green tea Kit-Kats either. They are so yummy. I’m glad I’m able to get that whenever I want now. I’ve missed having green tea Kit-Kats!

Last but not least, I have some Barnes and Noble coupons! I have another coupon on my e-mail specifically for Black Friday, but I haven’t used it yet. I’m going to go later tonight, but going to Barnes and Noble is always exciting. I always go even if I don’t buy anything. Sometimes I just like to sit there and read at the Starbucks or look around. Being a bibliophile, I really don’t mind! It’s my favoriteeeee.

So glad with these purchases. Happy Black Friday shopping to all xx