I Am Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


We had thanksgiving at my aunt’s house this year. Before leaving today, we called out to everyone that Thanksgiving will be at our house next year hopefully.

The always have family get together anyways which means we have our own type of Thanksgiving all the time. I’m so thankful that we don’t ever make our family gatherings only once a year on Thanksgiving haha.


My heart ❤

I was so excited about this food this year that I didn’t even take pictures of the food. I literally just stuffed my face in, enjoying every second of it. It was amazing. Masallah, the table was full and everything came out delicious.

We plan on going out for Black Friday shopping, but I don’t think we plan on staying for too long since we all have work in the morning 😦

Maybe I’ll find something for myself, even though I don’t really need anything.

I hope everyone had a nice, warm Thanksgiving day! Gobble gobble xx