I Belong To Me

The entire sea was swarming when news of Princess Aqua’s wedding was announced. Fish from different parts of the sea were swimming as fast as their tails can take them to the Atlantic Kingdom.

Aqua has never seen so many Merfolk in one kingdom altogether. The mermaid was sitting on a reef, watching the different fish arriving in the kingdom, amazed that they would all come just for her wedding.

For as long as Aqua could remember, she has been betrothed to Prince Kai of the Pacific Kingdom. “Everything is arranged,” her father, King Deniz, told her when she was still just a little mermaid. “Once you marry Prince Kai at 18, you will be fit to be a Queen. I’m sure he will be a very suitable merman for you. I took care of everything for you.” he beamed at her, expecting Aqua to thank him, to be happy, but all Aqua could remember was feeling sad and wanting to scream and cry at him.

Instead, she mustered a forced smile and pretended to look ecstatic for her father’s sake.

“Aqua, you must take care of your sea shells. Make sure you look presentable when you see Kai.”

“Don’t flap your tail too much when you swim, Aqua. You look like a dolphin when you do that.”

“If you keep eating that way, Kai will mistaken you for a whale!”

For years, Aqua has been hearing King Deniz’s voice in her ear, trying to control her. For years, Aqua has been trying not to let him get to her. But it wasn’t just King Deniz who was getting to her, but also Kai. Whenever she was seen swimming with other merman who were her friends, Kai always commented on it.

“Aqua, we’re betrothed. I think other Merfolk will start to get ideas about you when they see you swimming with the other merman. And frankly, I don’t think I’m too comfortable seeing you in the company of them either.” Kai told her.

And kept telling her, persistently.

Aqua sighed loudly as she looked at all the Merfolk’s excited faces for her wedding. If only they knew how badly I don’t want to marry, she thought sadly. Bored of watching all the fish arriving, Aqua looked up at the surface. Perhaps I should go up to the surface for old time sake, she thought, before I become a married mermaid.

She swam up like she has done so many times before and took a deep breathe when her face was out of the water.


It was no water, but air felt good too. She wondered how frequently she will be able to get away with this once she becomes married.

As Aqua was deep in thought about married life, she heard a voice. “AHOY THERE! DO YOU NEED HELP?”

Startled, Aqua jumped up in fear, her tail splashing water everywhere, and quickly turned around, only to find there was a boat about 400 feet away from her that she hadn’t noticed. Stupid. How did I not see? 

She saw it was a sailor, maybe about her age. He was standing on the tip of his boat with his two feet, staring at her with his eyes squinted. “Sweet Davy Jones..” she heard him say. This poor sailor was lost for words.

Aqua is aware of the law between Merfolk. Contact with humans are forbidden and unforgivable, but Aqua couldn’t help picturing her father and Kai, controlling her every move. I deserve a little fun. 

She swam dramatically towards the sailor and his boat, emphasizing the movement of her tail. Aqua saw the amazement on the sailor’s face. She could hear him chuckling under his breath. When she reached his boat,  she looked up at him.

“Am I dreaming?” he whispered.

Aqua shook her head.

She saw the sailor’s eyes staring at her face and slowly moving down to her seashells than to her tail. “You are beautiful.”

Aqua blushed, moving her hair in front of her face so he wouldn’t see.

“The other guys are going to go crazy once I show them you.” he muttered under his breathe.

Aqua looked up at him puzzled. She saw the sailor’s hands were behind him, holding onto something. “Don’t move.” he said sternly to her. “I’m not going to hurt you.” he stepped closer towards her, this time the net he was carrying behind him was visible to Aqua.

Aqua swam back suddenly, sensing danger. Just as she was about to abandon ship, she felt a net on top of her. “Aha! Gotcha!”

Aqua was writhing under the net, water splashing everywhere. She felt the sailor’s cold hands on her arms, trying to take her out of the water.

“Calm down, okay? You’re mine now. There’s no point. You’re not going anywhere.”

Aqua looked at his face disgusted and screamed as loud as she can. I’m not his! Aqua yanked her arms out of his grip and jumped up at the sailor’s face, grabbing onto his shoulders and pushing him down toward her. He’s just someone else trying to control her again.

The sailor lost his balance and fell off the boat. With all her strength, Aqua dragged him down inside the water. She looked at the sailor’s face now, filled with fear, trying to swim back to surface, but his legs and arms were tangled up in the net on top of Aqua. He could hear his muffled underwater screaming. Stupid. 

I won’t let you or anyone else control me like I’m nothing.

And with that, Aqua dragged the sailor even farther down towards the bottom of the dark ocean.


Happy International Women’s Day!

In my opinion, I think mermaids are one of the most feminine creatures, which is why I chose to write a story about a mermaid. She didn’t like her life being controlled which I think a lot of females can relate to. I wanted this story to emphasize how powerful we girls are and that we are able to make our own decisions. Our bodies are our bodies. You don’t belong to anyone but yourself. It is okay to stand up for yourself and do what you believe is right without fear. We are one with the people.

The future is female.