❤ April 18 1992 ❤

Happy 25th Anniversary to my Anne & Baba! Size seviyorum!



Love. Aşk. Amore. Sevgi.

Bu aşktır – This is love

The loving relationship I see between my parents is everything. And still after 25 years,

they’re still goals.


I wrote down how my parents feel & what comes to mind when they think about each other or when they’re together. Here’s what they said about each other:

Anne to Baba

  • he’s always there for me
  • the right decision
  • Enjoyment
  • benim aşkim
  • ser serim
  • bebeğim
  • hayatim
  • kocacim
  • comfortable, safe, in love
  • nazlı
  • güvenilir
  • inatçi
  • mutlu
  • funny
  • workaholic, kebabçi
  • my other half

Baba to Anne

  • my life
  • huzurum
  • respect
  • canim
  • cenneteki arkadaşim
  • nazlı
  • şimarik
  • nazik, sarin, olgun
  • çok hisli
  • yufla, yufka, yürekli
  • very sensitive
  • one of a kind
  • sevecen
  • she never thinks badly of anyone
  • iyi bir eş, iyi bir Anne, iyi bir kardeş, iyi bir evlat
  • Yaradana çok yakin

Most of the words were said in Turkish, so I just wrote down whatever I heard, without any translations. Some words have much more meaning in one language & sounds totally different in another language.


“Ben Leylayı Mecnunu Ferhatı Aslıyı
Keremi Bilmem Ama
Bağdatı Iki Gözüm Kapalı Bulabilirim…”

– “Bağdat” by Ayla Çelik

I love you Annem & Baba! Happy anniversary ❤ 



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