April Showers Bring May Flowers

Everything is blooming at around this time.

Just when you thought you could walk outside or enjoy a nice picnic on the grass next to the dandelions, the sky is covered with clouds again.

And the shower beings.


The first few raindrops fall gently on your cheek- then all at once.

Hair soaked, sundress sticky, umbrella broken, thunder roaring.

The fog has taken over and no one can hear anyone through this downpour.

This outburst.

And as quick as it began, it stopped.

You have to rub your  eyes to make sure you’re seeing this correctly (or perhaps because they were itchy in the first place)

Because the only thing you can see were pastel perfect colors, the green as vibrant as ever, and hear the buzzing and chirping of the bees and birds.

It’s as if it never happened.


The sunshine hits your skin and you try your best to breathe in this beautiful air through your constant sniffles and sneezes.

Take it all in.

Embrace the dirt, the puddles, the daisies, and tiny pebbles.

Celebrate like it’s the fourteenth day of May.

These outbursts of showers bring a gift to the earth of blooming, lively flowers.