Sleep No More

For my 21st birthday, my mom surprised me with tickets to a show called Sleep No More in NYC!


This show is based off of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth. I’ve never heard about it before until my mom told me about it. My mom had heard about Sleep No More from a friend months ago and ever since she found out about it, she told me she had been thinking of bringing me here for my birthday. She knew it was going to be the type of place I was definitely going to enjoy from how scary and strange it sounded.

Going to this show was a very interesting experience, nothing I’ve ever experienced before. We had to wear the white masks in the picture above the whole time we were there and just follow the actors and actresses around. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys slightly creepy yet artistically beautiful things. All of the characters did a wonderful job and I appreciated the interior designs of every room and how much work they put into props and details.


Unfortunately on the day that we went, it was raining pretty hard in the city and it was a bit chilly, so we were all huddled up under our umbrellas.


After Sleep No More we went to Ellen’s Stardust Diner, a famous diner in Timesquare with live performances done by the waiters and waitresses. I’ve been there once before and just like the first time, I enjoyed it so much. It was fun singing along to all the songs especially since they sang very well known songs. In the last year, 26 people who have worked there left for Broadway which I think is incredible. They were all so extremely talented.


On my actual birthday, I didn’t really do much except be with my family since it was also Mother’s Day.


However, we did go to the park and reminisce all the times we used to play there. And then my parents played a bit themselves and had a competition on the spider web. It was fun just playing in the park together like we used to do back then. Just like old times.


I had a a very different birthday celebration this year! XX