The Last Grad

My little bro graduated from high school!


I’m so happy and proud of him. I can’t even believe that he graduated. He’s still just a little boy in my eyes ;( But alas, he is growing older and I have no choice but to accept this.


And since he’s the youngest in our family, that means my parents don’t have any kids in high school anymore which is weird and relieving at the same time.


So, Ahmedcan has a weird thing about Shrek (the entire internet does tbh) and even decorated his cap… with Shrek’s face on it. I gave him the suggestion for the “It’s All Ogre Now” and he loved it.


He really stuck out in the crowd because he’s so tall + it was hard to miss Shrek’s face.

Aaah high school, it really brought back memories… however, I don’t really miss it.


When any of our family members are graduating, we tend to stick out at every graduation since we always seem to have the largest group of people.

After the graduation ceremony, everyone went to our house to celebrate in the pool!

The pool is finally done and we’ve been going in it almost every day since it finished. It’s amazing and we literally cannot believe that this is our backyard now. It is unreal.


We’ll be swimming all summer!

Good night! xx