The Little Girl On The Carousel

When we first got to the carnival, I noticed her right away.
The little girl on the carousel.
I asked my friend Sally if she could see her, but she said she did not see anyone who fit that description. No one else was paying attention to her. It is like I am the only one who is able to see her.
And she was looking at me too.
The little girl on the carousel. She had ghostly pale skin, her black hair in pigtails, red piercing eyes, and chocolate ice-cream all over her mouth. She wore an old-fashioned black velveteen dress and tattered up knee-high socks without any shoes.
I decided to ignore her and try to have fun with Sally, but I felt the girl’s red eyes on me.
As it started getting darker out, the lights in the carnival were disappearing one by one and the night was still.
All but the carousel.
Everyone left and went home, even Sally. But not me. I could not go just yet.
Without even noticing what I was doing, my feet were bringing me to the carousel- to the little girl. And there she was, sitting on the pony. The only sound there was in the night was the sound of loopy circus music playing as slowly as the carousel was moving, round and round.
I knew what I had to do. I went on the carousel and sat next to her, on the tiger. As soon as I sat down, every seat was filled. They were all little boys and girls with the same red eyes. Every single one of them were looking at me.
I looked at the little girl and she gave me a crooked smile, her chocolate ice-cream dripping down the side of her chin. And she sang with the loopy music:
“We’ll all be merry if we keep going round and round and round and round….-”