Happy 2018 everyone. I hope this year is a good one.

Unfortunately, my first blog post for this year isn’t a very happy one. Yesterday night, my dear sweet betta, Eggplant, passed away.


We were going to have him for two years in March.

I’ve had a lot of great memories with him, mostly on my Snapchat memories. Anyone who follows me on Snapchat knows how much he meant to me.

For the past couple days, he’s been suffering from swim bladder disease. From what I understand, it means the betta’s stomach gets bloated from bacteria, air, or is constipated. When the betta is going through that, they will tend to swim on their side and lay down sideways to rest.

We noticed that he lost color from stress, but thinking maybe something was wrong with the bowl he was in, I went to Petco and got him a tank with a filter and a heater. This, unfortunately, resulted in Eggplant getting even paler. He just worse and worse. I treated him best as I could by consistently cleaning the water so he can stay in a clean and comfortable environment, but I knew I needed to do something else.


Yesterday, after work, I went back to Petco and got him some medicine. When I came home, he was still living, but on the brink of death. I put the medicine in, but soon after, he died. I guess I was waiting for some kind of miracle to happen when I put the medicine in.

My mom and my sister buried him out by our fountain. My poor baby baetta.

Eggplant lived a good life. Everyone in my family loved and cared for him. He is no longer suffering now. We love you Eggy.


One of the last and coolest pictures I took of him. We’re gonna miss you baetta.