Japan 2018

Hey! It’s been a while!

A week ago, I got back from one of the best vacations ever: JAPAN.


I’ve been planning this trip for MONTHS and did so much research on where to go that it really paid off. I went with my mom and my sister for 10 days, May 10-20. So this trip was a birthday present for me / mother’s day present (best birthday ever!!).

We didn’t go with a tour because like i said, I did so much planning and preparation on what we’re going to do on each day, that i was basically the tour guide, which is wild because for the first time ever, my mom and my sister were following me and asking me what we’re going to do. I’ve never planned something this big before. I’m back home and i still can’t believe how i did it.

the view from our hotel

This blog post is basically going to be pictures from our trip!


One of the first photos i took was with Hachikō of course. I know the story of Hachikō and i was so pleased to find out how close our hotel is to this statue. Actually, our hotel was right in Shibuya Crossing, which is one of my favorite places in Tokyo!

Our first full day, we went to Harajuku to the Meiji-Jingu shrine.


And then made our way to Takeshita Street, one of my other favorite places in Tokyo!

That night, we went to Shinjuku and walked around. We didn’t stay for too long because we were dead tired after walking around so much.

The next morning, we went to Asakusa!



We absolutely loved it there. I think we all wanted to buy *everything*.

Ramen Reyhan

After Asakusa, we stopped by Akihabara where i spent almost all my money on anime figures.


We went to a maid cafe and made the cutest maids ever. I’ve always wanted to go to a maid cafe since i see it so much in anime.

The maid cafe we went to was called “maiddreamin” and it was super kawaii.

*delicious, delicious. mew mew kewwwwww!*

That night, things got even more kawaii because we went to the Kawaii Monster Cafe!


We had so much sweets that day (not complaining).

The next day was mother’s day!


We did a day trip to Hakone with the Romancecar and had a much needed relaxing day at the onsen (hot spring).

One our way to Hakone, we saw Mount Fuji, which was such an incredible sight to see, i can’t even tell you how much more beautiful it was to see Mount Fuji with your own eyes.



Happy Mother’s day, Annem ❤

The next day was a hectic day: my birthday.


I can’t believe i went to Disney on my birthday.. and not just any Disney, Disneyland Tokyo. best birthday ever.

After Disney, we rushed back to our hotel, got ready really quick, and went to Shinjuku for the Robot Restaurant!!


I can’t believe we did that all in one day… unforgettable birthday, seriously.

The next morning, we went to the Tsukiji Fish Market. I had fish bright and early in the morning….and i don’t even eat fish ;P

After the fish market, we went to Ikebukuro! Durarara is probably on my top 10 favorite anime/manga list so to be in Ikebukuro really meant a lot to me.


We all liked Ikebukuro a lot actually. We went to the Pokemon store too. I also made a couple comparisons with Durarara…

I almost want to watch the anime again just because now that i’ve been there, i want to pay more attention to where all the characters are. (peep Izaya and Shizuo in that one photo ;P)

When we got back to our hotel, we got ready again and took a taxi to the mosque in Shibuya!

It was beautiful there. It’s a Turkish mosque so we were talking to some Turks about Tokyo and about Ramadan too. Ramadan was starting back home the day we went to the mosque, so my mom prayed there.


The next day, we woke up early in the morning and took the Shinkansen to Kyoto!



I think when we got to Kyoto is where we all started to relax a bit since Kyoto is a lot quieter and more peaceful then Tokyo.

Also…this happened:


Our first night in Kyoto, we walked around Gion, which was very pretty at night.


Yasaka Shrine at night 😀

The next day was probably our favorite day in Kyoto!


Kinkaku-ji Temple! Sooo so pretty. It was so beautiful, I loved the landscaping there.

After, we went to the Bamboo Forest which was breathtaking. 


After we walked around there, we walked around the lake and went to the entrance to the Iwatayama Monkey Park. Getting to the top of the monkey park was a bit of a hike. We were tired, sweating, but we made it in the end to the very top!


The monkeys were so cute. I loved that they were running around freely and that they weren’t caged in.

the view from the Iwatayama Monkey Park

That night we went to Gion Corner for a very cool performance of traditional Japanese art.

It was so interesting to watch. Afterward, we hung around Gion for a bit.


i love Kyoto at night 🙂

Our last day in Kyoto, we made our way on the Metro for Fushimi Inari-taisha!


After that, we went to the Nishiki Market and did some shopping before going back on the Shinkansen to Shibuya.

The Kyoto Tower was really beautiful at night. We loved Kyoto and i think we really needed some peace after traveling nonstop. I really kept us busy 😛 but even though we spent 3 days in Kyoto, my heart was aching for Tokyo, i missed Shibuya so much.


Our last full day in Tokyo, we went back to Asakusa to buy last minute gifts and things we wanted from the market that we liked so much. There was also a festival happening so we were able to see festival celebrations as well which was very cool and interesting.

After nonstop shopping at Asakusa, we went to Kawasaki station that night to see Anata No Warehouse (my sister and I actually thought this was an outdoors arcade because of the pictures we saw online, but it was in fact indoors!).


This arcade was so well done, the three of us loved it! We were so surprised it was free. I wish we had something like this back home. The inside is based off of Hong Kong.

After the Warehouse, we went back to Shibuya Crossing to enjoy our last night there. We just sat down and watched the people cross, taking it all in.

Our last and final day: we went to Takeshita Street again, early in the morning for last minute shopping again (the shopping never ends!) When we were sure we got everything we needed, we went back to Shibuya Crossing on our last hour before going back to the airport 😦

miss you

I miss this sight sooooo much 😦


I left my heart in Japan so i definitely need to go back to get it! 😀 This trip was unforgettable. I went with the best people ever to the most respectful country i’ve been to yet. I cannot wait to go back to Japan. Japan is such a beautiful country with the best and nicest people. The culture is absolutely gorgeous and I will recommend a vacation to Japan to anyone!

i miss you Hachikō

ありがと ございます 

Until next time xx