The Little Girl On The Carousel

When we first got to the carnival, I noticed her right away.
The little girl on the carousel.
I asked my friend Sally if she could see her, but she said she did not see anyone who fit that description. No one else was paying attention to her. It is like I am the only one who is able to see her.
And she was looking at me too.
The little girl on the carousel. She had ghostly pale skin, her black hair in pigtails, red piercing eyes, and chocolate ice-cream all over her mouth. She wore an old-fashioned black velveteen dress and tattered up knee-high socks without any shoes.
I decided to ignore her and try to have fun with Sally, but I felt the girl’s red eyes on me.
As it started getting darker out, the lights in the carnival were disappearing one by one and the night was still.
All but the carousel.
Everyone left and went home, even Sally. But not me. I could not go just yet.
Without even noticing what I was doing, my feet were bringing me to the carousel- to the little girl. And there she was, sitting on the pony. The only sound there was in the night was the sound of loopy circus music playing as slowly as the carousel was moving, round and round.
I knew what I had to do. I went on the carousel and sat next to her, on the tiger. As soon as I sat down, every seat was filled. They were all little boys and girls with the same red eyes. Every single one of them were looking at me.
I looked at the little girl and she gave me a crooked smile, her chocolate ice-cream dripping down the side of her chin. And she sang with the loopy music:
“We’ll all be merry if we keep going round and round and round and round….-”


October Mix

I made an October playlist, not necessarily Halloween-themed, but just some music I find myself listening to in the fall for this spooky season. This mix is a bit heavier.

Enjoy xx


“Vices” by Brand New

“Universe” by Ghost Town

“Walls Could Talk” by Halsey

“Somebody’s Watching Me” by Rockwell feat. Michael Jackson

“Who Dat Boy” by Tyler, the Creator feat. ASAP Rocky

“Don’t Threaten Me with a Good Time” by Panic! At The Disco

“Blood” by My Chemical Romance

“And The Snakes Start To Sing” by Bring Me The Horizon

“Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)” cover by Marilyn Manson

“I am Who Am (Killin’ Time)” by Mac Miller feat. Niki Randa

“Carousel” by Melanie Martinez

“Carnival” by Gorillaz feat. Anthony Hamilton

“Tiptoe through the Tulips” by Tiny Tim

“Voodoo” by Ghost Town

“Fear and Loathing” by Marina and the Diamonds

“Helena” by My Chemical Romance

“Tainted Love” cover by Marilyn Manson

“Mercenary” by Panic! At The Disco

“She” by Tyler, the Creator feat. Frank Ocean

“Night Time, My Time” by Sky Ferreira


September 27, 2017

I was breathing the same air as Chance the Rapper!


My uncle won two free concert tickets for Chance the Rapper on the radio. I went with my cousin to Forest Hills Stadium yesterday. It was a General Admission concert and we were pretty close!


The opening acts were Francis and the Lights and DJ Oreo. DJ Oreo has impeccable music taste. When Francis and the Lights was performing, Chance came out to dance for a minute and everyone lost their minds.


After about an hour and a half, he finally came out..


He opened the show with Mixtape. It was chaos.



I highly respect Chance as a musician, lyrically, and how he brought himself up. Chance is one of the rappers that deserves all the success. The fact that he isn’t signed to anyone and gained recognition on his own is so inspiring, we must protect Chance.

My favorite songs that he performed were Sunday Candy, Cocoa Butter Kisses, Juke Jam, and No Problem.

I’m a huge Kanye West fan and I know that Kanye West is one of Chance’s musical inspirations, so I was so hyped when he did Yeezy songs.


He did Waves, Father Stretch My Hands PT. 1, and his verse on Ultralight Beam.


Chance the Rapper is one of the greatest, no lie. His music is phenomenal and I can’t wait to hear more new music from him in the future.



Everyone go see Chance the Rapper xx

Washington D.C.

This past weekend, I was in Washington D.C. for the Game of Thrones pop up bar!

I don’t even drink lol iconic

I’m a huge fan of the series. I read the books and I love the show so much, so making the four hour drive to D.C. for this bar was worth it! Our plan was to get there on Saturday, spend one night, and leave Sunday night. We got there pretty late on Saturday due to some traffic and checking into the hotel, but we made it to the bar in the end.


Unfortunately, the line to get in was very long and we ended up waiting four hours in the rain. Downpour.


The line was actually not so bad since we had good company. My cousin lives in D.C. so he came with us and brought some friends with him. The people we were with made waiting fun and enjoyable. Everyone in D.C. is so nice and cool. I actually quite loved the buildings and the streets. Compared to New York, it’s very clean.


And the artwork was everything.

If you’re a big Game of Thrones fan, you would *love* this bar. There was different rooms and each room was based off of different places in GoT. The places were Winterfell, The Red Keep, and the House of Black and White. There was another room with dragons, but I’m not sure about the location. I guess I would just call it the dragon room.

These were the name of the drinks

From top left to right- The Lannisters Send Their Regards, I Drink and I Know Things, Dothraquiri, Shame, and The North Remembers. (When anyone got the drink called “Shame”, they would ring a bell and everyone would scream shame. It was pretty great. Cersei was triggered.)

And here is the best thing that happened that night (Thank you to Hakan for making it happen!) :


I sat on the Iron Throne.

Lady Reyhan of House Yasar, first of her name, Protector of the Realm, the true Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. Bend the knee.

I was a queen for 30 seconds. It felt powerful.

Since we got to our hotel late on Saturday, we explored our hotel a bit Sunday morning before we checked out. We stayed at the Omni Shoreham Hotel. It. Is. Gorgeous.


Before we left, we wanted to see some monuments so we explored for a bit!


The White House (Obama’s old house)!

The Washington Monument!


World War II Memorial!


The Lincoln Memorial!

(We saw the Capitol too from a distance)

Afterwards, we went out to eat then it was time to hit the road again. We got home last night at around midnight. We left Washington D.C. when there is still so much to explore. I want to go back soon for the museums of course and hopefully for the Cherry Blossom festival. D.C. was so much fun 😀


I’ll be back in D.C. again.. xx

Summer Mix

We are well into the middle of the summer already and I thought it would be a good idea to make a summer playlist! Being a huge lover of music, I wanted to share my taste in music and what I find myself listening to during this season. I picked the songs out very carefully and thought I would definitely like to listen to these songs out in the sun and by the water. I hope you enjoy what I picked out!

Reyhan’s Summertime Fine Playlist

PART I: The Waves

  1. “Rock the House” by Gorillaz
  2. “Ridin'” by A$AP Rocky feat. Lana Del Rey
  3. “That’s What I Like” by Bruno Mars
  4. “Good Life” by Kanye West
  5. “Positive Vibration” by Bob Marley
  6. “Up All Night” by Mac Miller
  7. “Come & Get Your Love” by Redbone
  8. “Unforgettable” by French Montana feat. Swae Lee
  9. “Dangerous” by The xx
  10. “Caught Their Eyes” by Jay Z feat. Frank Ocean


“Wipe Out” by Surfaris

PART II: The Shore

  1. “Rock the Boat” by Aaliyah
  2. “High by the Beach” by Lana Del Rey
  3. “Kids” by MGMT
  4. “We Don’t Care” by Kanye West
  5. “Stir It Up” by Bob Marley
  6. “Everyday” by Buddy Holly
  7. “My Favorite Part” by Mac Miller feat. Ariana Grande
  8. “Unforgettable Remix” by Pnb Rock
  9. “Island in the Sun” by Weezer
  10. “Good Vibrations” by The Beach Boys

Part I is more on the upbeat side, songs that make you feel good. I wanted Part II to be more about chilling and relaxing for the people who like to take a nap on the sand 😛

Give them a listen! Happy summer xx


Went went to Smorgasburg today

….and went into a food coma.

There was so many different food there, it was crazy! I was getting full just looking at everything. Everything there looked so delicious. It was very hot today, so it was convenient that they had free water for everyone.


I actually drank out of a pineapple today. It was pretty great.

They also had watermelons and grapefruit. The dragonfruit and oranges were sold out though.

Afterwards, we walked around Little Italy and Soho, looking at all of the amazing street art.


This one was still in the works and we watched a guy spraying the tiger for a bit. It is already so amazing

I had a fun weekend altogether. The other night I was hanging out with some of my friends and that was also a good time.

And now it’s back to Monday.


I hope everyone has a great Monday xx

Feeling Free!

Our pool is done and we have been swimming nonstop!

It is so refreshing to come home after a long day of nonsense and taking a dip in the pool. Night time swims are the best. The pink light is my favorite and is the most aesthetically pleasing.

Eid has passed and we took some awesome pictures outside by the pool.

We used to never go in our backyard but now, we’re there all the time. We never want to leave. We have such cute floats for the pool and amazing landscaping/plants that are being taken care of by my parents. I can’t believe it is our backyard, it’s still so unreal.

We’ve also had a few people over our house already to enjoy it with us. Yesterday was a lot of fun because it was actually mine and my sister’s first full day out by the pool when the sun was out. We’re always at work and come home right when the sun goes away, we really relaxed ourselves yesterday.

We had a couple people over yesterday and had a lot of fun playing volleyball. My sister and I were even sitting by our waterfall and pretending that we were mermaids haha 😀

After it got a little later out, a bunch of girls and I spontaneously decided to go to Hoboken for some dinner. We wanted to get a dinner crepe, walk around a little bit, and go back from some dessert crepes mmhmm :p

Since it was my first full day out in the sun by the pool, I am pretty dark right now. I’m lucky I tan nicely. I’m usually the tannest one in my family by the end of the summer.

I hear a bunch of fireworks right now! I’m sitting outside on the sun bed writing this right now with a beautiful view.


I hope I’ll get to swim as good as Haru-chan. (Free!)

The Last Grad

My little bro graduated from high school!


I’m so happy and proud of him. I can’t even believe that he graduated. He’s still just a little boy in my eyes ;( But alas, he is growing older and I have no choice but to accept this.


And since he’s the youngest in our family, that means my parents don’t have any kids in high school anymore which is weird and relieving at the same time.


So, Ahmedcan has a weird thing about Shrek (the entire internet does tbh) and even decorated his cap… with Shrek’s face on it. I gave him the suggestion for the “It’s All Ogre Now” and he loved it.


He really stuck out in the crowd because he’s so tall + it was hard to miss Shrek’s face.

Aaah high school, it really brought back memories… however, I don’t really miss it.


When any of our family members are graduating, we tend to stick out at every graduation since we always seem to have the largest group of people.

After the graduation ceremony, everyone went to our house to celebrate in the pool!

The pool is finally done and we’ve been going in it almost every day since it finished. It’s amazing and we literally cannot believe that this is our backyard now. It is unreal.


We’ll be swimming all summer!

Good night! xx

Sleep No More

For my 21st birthday, my mom surprised me with tickets to a show called Sleep No More in NYC!


This show is based off of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth. I’ve never heard about it before until my mom told me about it. My mom had heard about Sleep No More from a friend months ago and ever since she found out about it, she told me she had been thinking of bringing me here for my birthday. She knew it was going to be the type of place I was definitely going to enjoy from how scary and strange it sounded.

Going to this show was a very interesting experience, nothing I’ve ever experienced before. We had to wear the white masks in the picture above the whole time we were there and just follow the actors and actresses around. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys slightly creepy yet artistically beautiful things. All of the characters did a wonderful job and I appreciated the interior designs of every room and how much work they put into props and details.


Unfortunately on the day that we went, it was raining pretty hard in the city and it was a bit chilly, so we were all huddled up under our umbrellas.


After Sleep No More we went to Ellen’s Stardust Diner, a famous diner in Timesquare with live performances done by the waiters and waitresses. I’ve been there once before and just like the first time, I enjoyed it so much. It was fun singing along to all the songs especially since they sang very well known songs. In the last year, 26 people who have worked there left for Broadway which I think is incredible. They were all so extremely talented.


On my actual birthday, I didn’t really do much except be with my family since it was also Mother’s Day.


However, we did go to the park and reminisce all the times we used to play there. And then my parents played a bit themselves and had a competition on the spider web. It was fun just playing in the park together like we used to do back then. Just like old times.


I had a a very different birthday celebration this year! XX

Mother Knows Best

Hello, blogging world. Today is my 21st birthday. More importantly, it’s Mother’s Day.

My first birthday party

I’m lucky enough to have my birthday fall on Mother’s Day this year because literally without my mom, I wouldn’t be here.


My mom went through a very tough pregnancy with me. She had to go to the hospital within those long 9 months every other day for a checkup because of how risky it was for me and for her as well. There was always that possibility for everything to go wrong, but my mom did everything she could to keep me safe. It’s lucky that I’m even here. Seeing all the things she has done for her family just to make us happy makes me want to be a mother like her someday. I hope I get to be the woman that she is.

not to brag, but out of my three siblings, everyone says I was the cutest baby ay

Without mothers, none of us would be here. They take care of us from the moment they find out they’re pregnant. They’re the ones who carry us and who will always be there for us.

To have my birthday on Mother’s Day, especially this year, is an honor for me. On January 21, 2017, history was made. The 2017 Women’s March. A worldwide protest that women’s rights are human rights. A protest for racial equality, the LGBTQ community, freedom of religion, healthcare, and for our environment. This year was big for us women. And the strongest women I know are our mothers.

Babaanne & Anneanne

This post is for all mothers, grandmas, sisters, daughters, aunts, nieces, cousins, step-mothers, and for the fathers who are also mothers.

I love you Annem ❤

Happy Mother’s Day 🙂