LA to the Moon

We saw Lana Del Rey last night!


Last night, I went to the Prudential Center to see Lana Del Rey for the LA to the Moon tour with my sister and friends.


Lana was amazing! We were all amazed at how perfect she sounds. She literally sounds exactly the same live and when you listen to her songs. There was no difference.


It was definitely the calmest concert I’ve ever been to, not that I’m complaining. The atmosphere was so chill and relaxing just as she is. Lana was also talking to us in between songs and is sooo cute! She is the sweetest. After the show, she went down to the crowd and took selfies with everyone up front.

I love her last record, Lust for Life. If you haven’t listened to it, listen to it!

My favorite songs that she performed were Diet Mountain Dew (I literally screamed when she performed this), Video Games, National Anthem, Lust for Life, and Serial Killer.


After the concert, we decided to get burgers from a Portuguese place nearby that my sister’s been to, and let me just tell you that this burger was HUGE.

A great way to end the night.

take off take off, take off all your clothes xxxx 


Fictional Female Fighters

For Halloween 2017, I was my favorite fictional female fighters..

Sailor Mars & Kim Possible

I was honestly meant to be Sailor Mars in another life. Her name is Rei- my name is REYhan, we have the same hair style and I favor fire-type everything. We’re basically the same. I was so excited to be her.

I went out on Friday night and saw some pretty cool costumes. No one really knew who I was though, but a few people did. The few who knew were really excited when they saw me :p


And KIM POSSIBLE. My childhood fav. Kim Possible is and always will be my favorite Disney Channel show. I wanted to be just like Kim when I got older. I thought she was so cool how she saved the world and was always so confident when she said things like, “I can do anything.” She was so amazing to me. That was like a dream come true.

I dressed as Kim to my cousin’s Halloween-themed birthday party and my family dressed up too.

There’s my goofy family.


And this was last night- but with a twist! Dark Sailor Mars.

This past October, I didn’t really do anything too spooky. I went to Six Flags Fright Fest this year as usual, but nothing else. However, I did watch some spooky movies that I would like to share.


The Collector (2009)

I watched this movie by myself without knowing anything about it. I had no clue. So as I’m watching it, it was pretty interesting in the beginning, but then once the plot becomes clear and you realize the situation the protagonist is in, it takes a completely different turn of events. After I watched it, I spoke so highly of it that I made my entire family watch it the next day. My dad didn’t fall asleep so you know it was good when he doesn’t get sleepy haha 😀


Sadako vs. Kayako (2016)

This is a Japanese movie that I’ve heard about. I’ve been meaning to watch it for a while and I finally did. It was very spooky. I quite enjoy Japanese horror. It’s a cross-over of two different iconic franchises: Ju-on (The Grudge) and the Ring. The title speaks for itself. Sadako is the main villain in the Ring and Kayako is the villain in Ju-on. It’s a battle between two evil curses. I really like the Ju-on movies and of course, the Ring, with the cursed video tape is iconic. I actually just recently finished reading the first Ring book by Koji Suzuki. I highly recommend reading that too if anyone is interested.


Eyes Without a Face (1960)

This is a French horror film. This is an adaptation of a novel by Jean Redon. I never read it, but I think I will in the future some day because I thought this movie was subtle and a bit disturbing. It was just the right amount of creepy. The things that happened in this movie, I wouldn’t wish that upon anyone. It’s frightening and also kind of sad. I felt very sympathetic too when I watched this.


Need I say more?

Stranger Things (2016-present)

Last year, everyone (including myself) fell in love with this Netflix show. Last Friday, Season 2 finally came out (hooray!). I’m still not finished watching it, but hopefully tonight I’ll finish it. I kind of don’t want to finish it because then, I’ll have to wait a full year for the next season wahhh 😦

If you haven’t checked out Stranger Things yet, stop what you’re doing and watch it. Also, I love Eleven. That is all.

I hope everyone had a nice Halloween and has a nice November! xx

October Mix

I made an October playlist, not necessarily Halloween-themed, but just some music I find myself listening to in the fall for this spooky season. This mix is a bit heavier.

Enjoy xx


“Vices” by Brand New

“Universe” by Ghost Town

“Walls Could Talk” by Halsey

“Somebody’s Watching Me” by Rockwell feat. Michael Jackson

“Who Dat Boy” by Tyler, the Creator feat. ASAP Rocky

“Don’t Threaten Me with a Good Time” by Panic! At The Disco

“Blood” by My Chemical Romance

“And The Snakes Start To Sing” by Bring Me The Horizon

“Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This)” cover by Marilyn Manson

“I am Who Am (Killin’ Time)” by Mac Miller feat. Niki Randa

“Carousel” by Melanie Martinez

“Carnival” by Gorillaz feat. Anthony Hamilton

“Tiptoe through the Tulips” by Tiny Tim

“Voodoo” by Ghost Town

“Fear and Loathing” by Marina and the Diamonds

“Helena” by My Chemical Romance

“Tainted Love” cover by Marilyn Manson

“Mercenary” by Panic! At The Disco

“She” by Tyler, the Creator feat. Frank Ocean

“Night Time, My Time” by Sky Ferreira


September 27, 2017

I was breathing the same air as Chance the Rapper!


My uncle won two free concert tickets for Chance the Rapper on the radio. I went with my cousin to Forest Hills Stadium yesterday. It was a General Admission concert and we were pretty close!


The opening acts were Francis and the Lights and DJ Oreo. DJ Oreo has impeccable music taste. When Francis and the Lights was performing, Chance came out to dance for a minute and everyone lost their minds.


After about an hour and a half, he finally came out..


He opened the show with Mixtape. It was chaos.



I highly respect Chance as a musician, lyrically, and how he brought himself up. Chance is one of the rappers that deserves all the success. The fact that he isn’t signed to anyone and gained recognition on his own is so inspiring, we must protect Chance.

My favorite songs that he performed were Sunday Candy, Cocoa Butter Kisses, Juke Jam, and No Problem.

I’m a huge Kanye West fan and I know that Kanye West is one of Chance’s musical inspirations, so I was so hyped when he did Yeezy songs.


He did Waves, Father Stretch My Hands PT. 1, and his verse on Ultralight Beam.


Chance the Rapper is one of the greatest, no lie. His music is phenomenal and I can’t wait to hear more new music from him in the future.



Everyone go see Chance the Rapper xx

Summer Mix

We are well into the middle of the summer already and I thought it would be a good idea to make a summer playlist! Being a huge lover of music, I wanted to share my taste in music and what I find myself listening to during this season. I picked the songs out very carefully and thought I would definitely like to listen to these songs out in the sun and by the water. I hope you enjoy what I picked out!

Reyhan’s Summertime Fine Playlist

PART I: The Waves

  1. “Rock the House” by Gorillaz
  2. “Ridin'” by A$AP Rocky feat. Lana Del Rey
  3. “That’s What I Like” by Bruno Mars
  4. “Good Life” by Kanye West
  5. “Positive Vibration” by Bob Marley
  6. “Up All Night” by Mac Miller
  7. “Come & Get Your Love” by Redbone
  8. “Unforgettable” by French Montana feat. Swae Lee
  9. “Dangerous” by The xx
  10. “Caught Their Eyes” by Jay Z feat. Frank Ocean


“Wipe Out” by Surfaris

PART II: The Shore

  1. “Rock the Boat” by Aaliyah
  2. “High by the Beach” by Lana Del Rey
  3. “Kids” by MGMT
  4. “We Don’t Care” by Kanye West
  5. “Stir It Up” by Bob Marley
  6. “Everyday” by Buddy Holly
  7. “My Favorite Part” by Mac Miller feat. Ariana Grande
  8. “Unforgettable Remix” by Pnb Rock
  9. “Island in the Sun” by Weezer
  10. “Good Vibrations” by The Beach Boys

Part I is more on the upbeat side, songs that make you feel good. I wanted Part II to be more about chilling and relaxing for the people who like to take a nap on the sand 😛

Give them a listen! Happy summer xx

Super Sappy

❤ Happy Valentines Day! ❤


Being someone who doesn’t have a Valentine, I really do like Valentines Day. I think it’s cute that we all take the time to celebrate the feeling of *love* and from all around the world. We can use a whole lotta love. Therefore, I wanted to share a lovey dovey playlist and some movies/show recommendations for V day!


Super Sappy Playlist

1. “My Girl” by The Temptations
2. “Keep On Loving You” by REO Speedwagon
3. “I Wanna Be Yours” by Arctic Monkeys
4. “Love On The Brain” by Rihanna
5. “If It Means A Lot To You” by A Day To Remember
6. “Let Me Love You” by Mario
7. “Give Me Love” by Ed Sheeran
8. “03′ Bonnie & Clyde” by Jay-Z feat. Beyonce
9. “When The Day Met The Night” by Panic! At The Disco
10. “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out” by The Smiths
11. “We Belong Together” by Richie Valens
12. “fallingforyou” by The 1975
13. “With Me” by Sum 41
14. “My Boo” by Usher & Alicia Keys
15. “Can’t Help Falling In Love With You” by Elvis Presley
16. “Always” by Blink-182
17. “I’ll Be” by Edwin McCain
18. “Fly Me To The Moon” by Frank Sinatra
19. “Best I Ever Had” by Drake
20. “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You” by Frank Valli
21. “Fantasy” by Mariah Carey

I hope you enjoy the playlist!

The first movie I’d like to recommend is this:


The Age of Adeline (2015)

I just watched it this year and I have to say, this is probably one of my most favorite movies. Watching this movie kind of reminded me a little bit of reading. I don’t know if that makes sense, but I felt like I was reading the book as I was watching it. One of the themes in this movie, I noticed, was literature. The narrator is speaking like they’re reading a book to you. I just felt like this movie was very different and definitely worth watching.


The Sea Prince and the Fire Child (1981)

This is an anime film, by Sanrio. It is a very cute movie which children can watch too! It’s extremely similar to Romeo and Juliet. I love the relationship between Syrius and Malta. This one is also one of my favorites.


A Walk To Remember (2002)

Nicholas Sparks has quite a lot of books that became a film afterwards, but A Walk To Remember stands out to me the most. The Notebook is definitely the most iconic that everyone knows, but that has it’s own style and A Walk To Remember has it’s own. I think that this film is very cute and a real tearjerker.


Il Postino: The Postman (1994)

This is an Italian film that I watched in my Introduction to Poetry I class. There is some romance, but this movie is focused more on poems and writing. However, I think that this movie has a Valentines Day feel to it, even if the love is in poetry. The romance that is in this film is totally cute though.


You’re Beautiful (2009) also known as He’s Beautiful

Now, this isn’t a movie. This is a Korean Drama, 16 episodes. This has a lot of romance and comedy. I love romantic comedies so if you do too, this is a winner. I actually got one hour of sleep one night because I was up watching this and I needed to know what was going to happen. When I finished this, I went through a really bad post-series depression. Not going to lie, but this one hit me pretty hard. (I’m still not over it tbh). This drama got a cult following and had many remakes done, so you know it’s a good one.

Lastly, I wanted to share a manga that will ruin your life.


Fruits Basket (1998-2006)

When I finished this, I went through SERIOUS post-series depression and I’m probably never going to be over it. This is also an anime as well, but I loved the manga even more, mostly because the manga still continued while the anime stopped short and never continued with the show unfortunately. I believe 12 collector’s edition are going to be coming out, but so far, only 1-9 has been released. As they are being released, I’ve been buying them. My reaction when I saw the first one was probably priceless because I think I freaked out.

And that is all! I hope you enjoyed my recommendations and get a chance at checking them out.

v day mood

Happy Valentines Day everyone! xoxoxoxoxo

Fantastic Beasts

WARNING: This post will include massive fangirl-ing.

I’m going to see the new Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them tonight!


I am a HUGE fan of Harry Potter. Like… major Potterhead. When I first heard about this movie coming out way back when, I was so ecstatic about it. Magic truly never dies.

Many people who know me know how much of a die-hard fan I am (probably from how much I’ve talked about it or the way my head pops up whenever someone says “Harry Potter”). And at every opportunity (like now for instance) I like to mention that I did get Daniel Radcliffe’s autograph. Ahem, behold:


He signed my journal when I went to the New York premiere for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 after waiting hours and hours among other Potter fans. I just so happened to be one of the lucky ones who got noticed by senpai.

It happened November 15, 2010, so our 6 year anniversary just passed. (I did warn you this was going to include fan-girling).


I took the time to take pictures of my Harry Potter items and share them on here.

Note: I do have Harry’s wand that came from the actual Ollivanders from Universals Harry Potter world in Florida, however my aunt got that for me as I have actually never been to Harry Potter world (i know, i cry too).

I was also gifted one year for my birthday a Hogwarts acceptance letter which is probably one of the best gifts I ever received.


(i just totally shared my address. Please don’t come after me.)

I also have the card game UNO, HP style. The cards are really fun because they have things like the Sorting Hat, dragons, Crookshanks, Fluffy, a wand, and Bertie Botts Every-Flavored Beans.


The cards came in this cool-looking treasure chest. I like to bring this during family gatherings.

I felt like I really needed a Quidditch set…


AND the Marauders Map… (i have a problem)


I haven’t quite figured out what I’m going to do with them, but when I saw them, I just felt like I really needed these in my life. I hope someone out there understands. (fangirls, I’m reaching out to you).


I think this magnet is v cool. I wish Muggle newspapers printed the same way as the Daily Prophet. I really like the style of it. How could would it be too if real Muggle pictures were able to move?

And last but not least, I would like to share the best thing I own that has to do with the Potter fandom.



Life-sized cardboard Ron Weasley. Who just stands there… in my room… wearing the headband I got at Disney and my Gotham City hat.

Just casually hanging out.

I would like to say though that anytime someone walks into my room for the first time, the first thing they ask me is “Why do you have that? What is he doing? What? Why?” The reactions are priceless. But I will admit, in the beginning when I first got him (this was a gift by the way), he did alarm me a bit whenever I passed my room because all I saw was a man staring at me. It was quite frightening actually. But now, it’s fine. I actually enjoy taking selfies with him.

I have many more unpictured Harry Potter items (believe it or not). I wanted to do this in honor of the new movie and because I’m way to excited about seeing it. I’m sure it’s going to be magical!

So as you can see, I am indeed a very big Harry Potter fan. I might actually have a problem.

I tend to get overly attached to series, whether it’s for books, TV shows, or movies. I just get so tied to the storyline and characters, I fall in deep which is the reason why I suffer from post-series depression. It happens all the time. I always lose fictional friends.


maybe this is why i don’t have a social life hahahahahaha

I’m so glad I’m going to the Cinemas for another Harry Potter movie! Magic never dies.

All was well xxxxx

October Reads

First off: I seriously love October. As I’ve said before, Halloween is my favorite time of the year. It’s easily my favorite holiday. I always loved dressing up, anything scary, and of course as a kid trick-or-treating. Unfortunately, I’m a bit older for trick-or-treating now, but I get very excited for haunted attractions, pumpkin picking, Fright Fest at Six Flags, horror movie nights, and costume parties!!

I also get very excited for scary stories and books. So here are some creepy reads!


ooooh spooky.

The stories in this book are The Queer Chair, A Madman’s Manuscript, The Goblins who Stole a Sexton, The Ghosts of the Mail, The Baron of Grogzwig, A Christmas Carol, The Haunted Man and the Ghost’s Bargain, To be Read at Dusk, The Ghost in the Bride’s Chamber, The Haunted House, The Trial for Murder, and The Signalman. I haven’t gotten to reading this book yet, but I’m very excited to start!


I just finished reading this book, Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs. I wanted to read it before I saw the movie that just came out! It looks very good and I’m sure it’s good if Tim Burton directed it. The best part about this, I think, are the pictures. The pictures are very creepy and a good idea for the reader to see just how peculiar everyone is.

This one was a manga by Junji Ito called Junji Ito’s Cat Diary: Yon & Mu. The art in it was very interesting to me. I really loved the different ways that he drew the cats. The story itself was cute, but the art was creepy.


And now the King himself: Stephen King. I’m a huge fun of his work. I’ve already read Pet Sematary (which is actually my favorite), Carrie, It, The Shining, and Misery. The rest I will hopefully get to this month!

These books will keep me occupied for the rest of October :p

I hope you enjoyed my list of creepy reads! don’t get too scared xx


We saw Beyoncé!!

Of course, she slay.

We were technically supposed to see her on September 7th, but it got postponed to a month later because she needed to rest her voice. This concert was at the MetLife and was actually the last concert to the Formation tour!

The performance was outstanding. The opening act was DJ Khaled (anotha one). He brought out a lot of rappers as special guests, some of them I was unfamiliar with but I knew some of them. There was so many guests though, I couldn’t even list who all of them were. The ones that I knew were Fetty Wap, Ja Rule, DMX, and T.I.

Beyoncé came out performing “Formation” first and she slay so hard.


Her choreogrophy was out of this world but even better was her voice. She sounded so beautiful and was just all-around incredible. She’s such a great entertainer. I like how she spoke to the crowd and talked to us. The screen was also very cool when it was in-between an outfit change. She would come back on stage in a new outfit, rocking something else and killing it.


Beyoncé is the Queen B. My favorite songs that she performed were “Yoncé”, “Bow Down”, “Freedom”, “Naughty Girl”, and “Love On Top”.


It was my mom’s first American concert, so she was very excited about this. She has never seen anything like this before so I’m so glad she enjoyed herself.

And because this was the last show in the tour and perhaps because it was postponed, we had a few surprises… as if DJ Khaled didn’t already overwhelm us with special guests.

Jay-Z and Kendrick Lamar happened.

Jay-Z came out for “Drunk In Love” and he and Bey were hugging and kissed each other. Twas sewwww cute ❤ Everyone was losing their minds. I can’t even believe we saw Jay-Z. 


I’m a fan of Kendrick Lamar so seeing him was so crazy. He came out for “Freedom”.


This song was amazing to watch (the entire show was honestly), but I love the dancing with the water. There was water on the stage which I believe Beyoncé has done before at the Grammy’s maybe.


The performance was outside but it wasn’t too cold since everyone was dancing. Plus, the rush for being at a concert is enough to forget chilliness, but I was fine throughout.


She finished the night off with “Halo” which had beautiful fireworks going off into the sky. She also hoped everyone to get home safely which I thought was very cute of her to mention. It was so cool to see her just smiling and singing her soul out and so beautifully because you can tell she’s putting her all out there for us and that she’s doing what she loves. Yas, you go girl.


I can’t believe I saw so that many rappers. Jay-Z. Kendrick Lamar. Beyoncé. If i was told I was going to see Beyoncé in concert one day, I wouldn’t believe it.

Thanks, B. You slay xx

Emøtiønal Røadshøw

August 10, 2016, Twenty One Pilots performed at Madison Square Garden (sold out show!) for their Emotional Roadshow World Tour. Epic night.

“Stressed Out”

We got to MSG at around 1:30 and got in the loooong line of people waiting for the show to start. We had to write our number on our hands, I guess to see how many people will be waiting and for the order of the line to stay a little more organized.

Inside, there was two pits, the west side being closest to the main stage and the east side, where we were standing, farther away from the stage but still at a pretty good distance. In the middle of the second pit though, there was a smaller stage which in the middle of their show, they did go to for a bit.

from snapchat lol

The doors opened at 6:30 and at 7, the first opening act came out. I had never heard of the two bands that opened for Twenty One Pilots, but they were both good.They’re called Chef’s Special and Mutemath. Chef’s Special performed first and their style sounded a little bit like rap and reggae mixed together. I’m definitely going to check out Chef’s Special some more, we were all very impressed with them. Mutemath’s style reminded me a bit like The 1975- they were more chill and mellow but they were also still upbeat at the same time. They’re style in music isn’t for everyone to like. I was digging it, but I know some people were not really feeling it, so it’s not very everyone. Chef’s Special is on the left, Mutemath is on the right.

After the two very talented bands played, Twenty One Pilots came out with an intro to “Fairly Local”, going into “Heavydirtysoul”. We were all pretty much freaking out.

I believe it was after “Migraine” Tyler Joseph did a bit of a magic trick where some people put a curtain over him and he somehow ended up on top of the balconey.


Wow, much cool very magic.

those guys behind him look excited.. i would be too 

I seriously have no idea how he did that.

Josh Dun had a drum solo which he was just killing. I love watching drummers going at it.

oh my god.

i’m so glad this picture happened

Here is some cool Tyler shots.


I’m really glad that i captured the picture above because it’s just showing him simply smiling at us, probably singing along, and it just blows his mind away, even though they as a duo are doing the same thing for us.

Like I said, they did go on the stage in the second pit where we were standing and we had such a good view of them there too. This was how close we were:


They performed my all-time favorite, “Ode To Sleep” and songs off of their earliest albums like their self-titled one and Regional at Best. 

The last time we saw them, were so close to the stage that during the part when Josh was playing the drums on the crowd, my sister was one of the people holding it. During “Holding On To You” last time, Tyler was also in the crowd with people holding onto his feet. We didn’t get to hold onto him, but he was literally right there in front of us. He did the same thing here for “Holding On To You”.

lucky people

They decided to play some covers but before doing so, they invited Chef’s Special and Mutemath back on stage. The songs that they covered with the opening bands were “Twist and Shout”, “My Heart Will Go On”, “Love Yourself”, and “Jump Around”. My dad is a huge fan of Celine Dion so I recorded “My Heart Will Go On” for him. Josh was shredding it on the trumpet.


And during “My Heart Will Go On” he pulled the iconic Titanic move….

“I’m flying!”


A bit of a blurry picture, but all the bands are together here, singing some covers. It was v cool.

The last song they played before their encore was “Car Radio” which Tyler ended up in the back, similar to how he did it to the last concert we went to.


They came back to perform an encore which was “Goner” and “Trees”. During “Goner”, a lot of people had a sign and their lights up. (I’m not quite sure what the sign meant or what it said).


The ending was epic of course with confetti everyone and their drumming together. Last time we were very close to it, but it was very cool to see it from a distance, watching everyone there in the pit freaking out.


My favorite song that they performed was probably “Lane Boy”. That one was so sick.

It’s crazy… my back was hurting before the concert started from standing for too long, but as soon at they came on stage, the backache went away. I guess it went away from all the adrenaline, the singing, and excitement I was feeling, but when I’m at a concert, I’m so focused on the artists that I’m not even paying attention to what’s happening to me or what’s around me. I’m living in that moment. It is so cool how much two people can do to entertain thousands and even bring a fanbase together like that. It wasn’t just girls and it wasn’t just boys. It was’t just young people and it wasn’t just old people. So many different people were there of all genders and age. Those two people made my backache go away, but when it was over, it quickly just came back and I was complaining about it again.

But the backache is so worth it for a show as great as that. It doesn’t hurt anymore though since I was able to rest.

This was my third time seeing them and I would definitely love seeing them even more.

Comparing to the first time I saw this, I’m so glad that they were able to make it to the MSG. We did it.


thank you |-/