The Little Girl On The Carousel

When we first got to the carnival, I noticed her right away.
The little girl on the carousel.
I asked my friend Sally if she could see her, but she said she did not see anyone who fit that description. No one else was paying attention to her. It is like I am the only one who is able to see her.
And she was looking at me too.
The little girl on the carousel. She had ghostly pale skin, her black hair in pigtails, red piercing eyes, and chocolate ice-cream all over her mouth. She wore an old-fashioned black velveteen dress and tattered up knee-high socks without any shoes.
I decided to ignore her and try to have fun with Sally, but I felt the girl’s red eyes on me.
As it started getting darker out, the lights in the carnival were disappearing one by one and the night was still.
All but the carousel.
Everyone left and went home, even Sally. But not me. I could not go just yet.
Without even noticing what I was doing, my feet were bringing me to the carousel- to the little girl. And there she was, sitting on the pony. The only sound there was in the night was the sound of loopy circus music playing as slowly as the carousel was moving, round and round.
I knew what I had to do. I went on the carousel and sat next to her, on the tiger. As soon as I sat down, every seat was filled. They were all little boys and girls with the same red eyes. Every single one of them were looking at me.
I looked at the little girl and she gave me a crooked smile, her chocolate ice-cream dripping down the side of her chin. And she sang with the loopy music:
“We’ll all be merry if we keep going round and round and round and round….-”


April Showers Bring May Flowers

Everything is blooming at around this time.

Just when you thought you could walk outside or enjoy a nice picnic on the grass next to the dandelions, the sky is covered with clouds again.

And the shower beings.


The first few raindrops fall gently on your cheek- then all at once.

Hair soaked, sundress sticky, umbrella broken, thunder roaring.

The fog has taken over and no one can hear anyone through this downpour.

This outburst.

And as quick as it began, it stopped.

You have to rub your  eyes to make sure you’re seeing this correctly (or perhaps because they were itchy in the first place)

Because the only thing you can see were pastel perfect colors, the green as vibrant as ever, and hear the buzzing and chirping of the bees and birds.

It’s as if it never happened.


The sunshine hits your skin and you try your best to breathe in this beautiful air through your constant sniffles and sneezes.

Take it all in.

Embrace the dirt, the puddles, the daisies, and tiny pebbles.

Celebrate like it’s the fourteenth day of May.

These outbursts of showers bring a gift to the earth of blooming, lively flowers.



I Belong To Me

The entire sea was swarming when news of Princess Aqua’s wedding was announced. Fish from different parts of the sea were swimming as fast as their tails can take them to the Atlantic Kingdom.

Aqua has never seen so many Merfolk in one kingdom altogether. The mermaid was sitting on a reef, watching the different fish arriving in the kingdom, amazed that they would all come just for her wedding.

For as long as Aqua could remember, she has been betrothed to Prince Kai of the Pacific Kingdom. “Everything is arranged,” her father, King Deniz, told her when she was still just a little mermaid. “Once you marry Prince Kai at 18, you will be fit to be a Queen. I’m sure he will be a very suitable merman for you. I took care of everything for you.” he beamed at her, expecting Aqua to thank him, to be happy, but all Aqua could remember was feeling sad and wanting to scream and cry at him.

Instead, she mustered a forced smile and pretended to look ecstatic for her father’s sake.

“Aqua, you must take care of your sea shells. Make sure you look presentable when you see Kai.”

“Don’t flap your tail too much when you swim, Aqua. You look like a dolphin when you do that.”

“If you keep eating that way, Kai will mistaken you for a whale!”

For years, Aqua has been hearing King Deniz’s voice in her ear, trying to control her. For years, Aqua has been trying not to let him get to her. But it wasn’t just King Deniz who was getting to her, but also Kai. Whenever she was seen swimming with other merman who were her friends, Kai always commented on it.

“Aqua, we’re betrothed. I think other Merfolk will start to get ideas about you when they see you swimming with the other merman. And frankly, I don’t think I’m too comfortable seeing you in the company of them either.” Kai told her.

And kept telling her, persistently.

Aqua sighed loudly as she looked at all the Merfolk’s excited faces for her wedding. If only they knew how badly I don’t want to marry, she thought sadly. Bored of watching all the fish arriving, Aqua looked up at the surface. Perhaps I should go up to the surface for old time sake, she thought, before I become a married mermaid.

She swam up like she has done so many times before and took a deep breathe when her face was out of the water.


It was no water, but air felt good too. She wondered how frequently she will be able to get away with this once she becomes married.

As Aqua was deep in thought about married life, she heard a voice. “AHOY THERE! DO YOU NEED HELP?”

Startled, Aqua jumped up in fear, her tail splashing water everywhere, and quickly turned around, only to find there was a boat about 400 feet away from her that she hadn’t noticed. Stupid. How did I not see? 

She saw it was a sailor, maybe about her age. He was standing on the tip of his boat with his two feet, staring at her with his eyes squinted. “Sweet Davy Jones..” she heard him say. This poor sailor was lost for words.

Aqua is aware of the law between Merfolk. Contact with humans are forbidden and unforgivable, but Aqua couldn’t help picturing her father and Kai, controlling her every move. I deserve a little fun. 

She swam dramatically towards the sailor and his boat, emphasizing the movement of her tail. Aqua saw the amazement on the sailor’s face. She could hear him chuckling under his breath. When she reached his boat,  she looked up at him.

“Am I dreaming?” he whispered.

Aqua shook her head.

She saw the sailor’s eyes staring at her face and slowly moving down to her seashells than to her tail. “You are beautiful.”

Aqua blushed, moving her hair in front of her face so he wouldn’t see.

“The other guys are going to go crazy once I show them you.” he muttered under his breathe.

Aqua looked up at him puzzled. She saw the sailor’s hands were behind him, holding onto something. “Don’t move.” he said sternly to her. “I’m not going to hurt you.” he stepped closer towards her, this time the net he was carrying behind him was visible to Aqua.

Aqua swam back suddenly, sensing danger. Just as she was about to abandon ship, she felt a net on top of her. “Aha! Gotcha!”

Aqua was writhing under the net, water splashing everywhere. She felt the sailor’s cold hands on her arms, trying to take her out of the water.

“Calm down, okay? You’re mine now. There’s no point. You’re not going anywhere.”

Aqua looked at his face disgusted and screamed as loud as she can. I’m not his! Aqua yanked her arms out of his grip and jumped up at the sailor’s face, grabbing onto his shoulders and pushing him down toward her. He’s just someone else trying to control her again.

The sailor lost his balance and fell off the boat. With all her strength, Aqua dragged him down inside the water. She looked at the sailor’s face now, filled with fear, trying to swim back to surface, but his legs and arms were tangled up in the net on top of Aqua. He could hear his muffled underwater screaming. Stupid. 

I won’t let you or anyone else control me like I’m nothing.

And with that, Aqua dragged the sailor even farther down towards the bottom of the dark ocean.


Happy International Women’s Day!

In my opinion, I think mermaids are one of the most feminine creatures, which is why I chose to write a story about a mermaid. She didn’t like her life being controlled which I think a lot of females can relate to. I wanted this story to emphasize how powerful we girls are and that we are able to make our own decisions. Our bodies are our bodies. You don’t belong to anyone but yourself. It is okay to stand up for yourself and do what you believe is right without fear. We are one with the people.

The future is female. 



“Allah is not looking at your faces nor at your bodies, but He looks at your hearts and your deeds.”

There lived a soul one day

Full of life like Milky Way

With a smile and gentle words,

She gave life to Adam’s clay.

In my lonely hours in pain,

I will call her night and day.

O’ The Generous and Forgiving,

Please accept my midnight pray.

Let me talk to you, my Lord

As a traveler on my way.

I submit to your will:

I am ready and I am gray

When I meet my child in yonder

That is veiled, we can play.

This poem was written by Dr. Yakip Amani for his daughter, and my cousin, Saffiya. Today is her birthday.

Happy birthday, angel xx


It must be winter:
Soft snow flakes falling lightly
On my rosy cheeks.

• •

Winter is officially here! 

I like winter because of how beautiful the snow looks on the ground, the trees, & how cozy I feel when I’m warm indoors with a sweater on & a hot cup of tea in my hand. 

I have such  high appreciation for Christmas decorations this year & I don’t know why. I find myself slowing down when I’m driving to look at the houses * really taking in all the lights & pretty things.


Today we decorated Valentino’s & for the first time ever, put a tree up. I never decorated a tree before so it was cool putting the ornaments up & dolling it up. 

A couple days ago, I even went to the Turtleback Zoo with my cousins since they decorate the zoo very nicely with lights & it was such a fun time. Definitely a lot of ooh and aah at the lights from me haha : P


Happy Holidays too all who celebrate! xx 


Stella was running late. Any minute now, Michael will be here, she thought as she hurriedly brushed her hair out, debating whether or not she should put it up or not. At that very moment, she heard a car honking just outside her window. Her heart skipped a beat and the butterflies in her stomach started fluttering like mad. He’s here.

She took a good look at herself in the mirror one last time, making sure she looked okay, her hands shaking a bit from nervousness. Stella inhaled and exhaled, trying to calm down. She didn’t understand why she was feeling this way, it’s not like this was her first date.

But still, she thought, this was a pretty big deal. He turned down all the girls in dance class, but he asked her out. As Stella was rushing out of her bedroom, she blushed when she remembered all the jealous looks the other girls gave her when he approached her after class. They all must have thought how lucky Stella was for being asked out by the mysterious, handsome Michael. He was easily the best dancer out of everyone in class, maybe even better than the teacher.

As Stella slammed the front door behind her, her heart skipped another beat when she saw Michael leaning back on his car parked in front of her house, waiting for her. Stella blushed again as she noticed he was staring at her walking toward him. She tried to hide herself from blushing but she knew her face was probably red. “Hi, Michael.” she peeked at him shyly.

Stella saw his face break into a handsome grin and her stomach did a somersault. “Hey, you ready?” He opened the car door behind him and held out his hand.

Smiling like a goof, Stella took his hand and sat in the car. She felt like the luckiest girl alive.

“Where are we going?” Stella folded her hands nervously on her lap in the passenger seat of the car.

“I thought maybe we could go to the movie theaters and watch something together.. would you like that?” Michael asked, glancing quickly at her and back at the road.

“I would love to.” she beamed at him. Stella looked out the window and noticed she didn’t recognize any of these roads. “Uh, which theaters are we going to?”

“There’s one in the town I live in. They just rereleased that one Vincent Price movie. I wanted to watch it before I miss it again.” Michael stopped at a red light. “Do you mind if we saw that movie?”

“Not at all.” Stella quickly said, not knowing what the movie was. She was curious to know the sort of things Michael was interested in.

As he began driving again, she took a look at him and realized she knew almost nothing about him. He’s good at dancing, she thought to herself, it seems like he’s really passionate about it from the way I watch him.

Stella stared at him for a long time and didn’t even notice that Michael had already parked the car.”We’re here.” He turned to look at her, catching her off guard and Stella began blushing furiously again.

“Oh, haha.” Stupid nerves.

Finally when Stella and Michael were seated in the theaters with their popcorn in their hands and the movie just starting, Stella couldn’t control the butterflies in her stomach anymore. They were squirming like crazy. She was sitting next to Michael in the dark.

I’m so jumpy and nervous, Stella thought, being annoyed with herself. I need to relax, she inhaled and exhaled again and turned her attention to the movie.

The movie started off eerie. Stella wasn’t quite sure she was liking the direction it was taking. Already she was feeling nervous, but now she was starting to feel uneasy about the movie. I really hate scary movies she thought desperately, taking a peek at Michael who was eating his popcorn, enjoying himself.


Suddenly, there was a jump-scare and Stella almost leaped out of her seat. She hadn’t even noticed she was burying her face in Michael’s arm until halfway through the movie when he cuddled closer to her. Anytime Stella gasped of fright and hid her face away, Michael went closer to her. By the time the movie was over, Stella and Michael were already holding hands.

They held hands up until they got into the car. “That was a good one!” Michael laughed, putting the keys in the ignition.

“It was scary!” Stella said. “The movie itself was good, but I’m not much of a fan of jump scares or scary things.” she admitted. He doesn’t have to know that I’ll probably be getting nightmares for a long time after watching that.

Michael laughed again. “I like a good scare.”

He pulled out of the parking lot and made his way on the road again. “What time is it?” Stella asked. “That movie was pretty long.”

For a while Michael didn’t say anything, but then he quietly answered, “It’s close to midnight.”


They rode in silence for a couple of minutes, Stella unsure of what to say now, when suddenly the car started making noises. “What-What’s happening?” Stella asked when the car was slowing down.

“Damn. I think it broke down.” Michael hit the stirring wheel. He tried turning and turning the ignition, but the car wasn’t starting again. “Hey, I have an idea. My house is pretty close to here. We can go there and get the other car. I promise it’s not a far walk. I’ll deal with this car another time. It’ll be fine if I just left it on the side of the road for now.”

Stella looked out into the night sky and saw it was a full moon. A full moon like in the movie. She was aware of all the fog on the road and how empty and quiet it was. “Are you sure it’s safe to be walking out at this time?”

She turned to look at Michael who was grinning at her. “Why? Are you spooked from that movie?” he teased. “It’s fine. My house is really close, trust me. We’ll get there safe and sound.” his hand reached out and held onto Stella’s hand, squeezing it reassuringly. Stella’s heart melted. Michael wouldn’t let anything happen to me.

They both got out of the car (Stella rushing to Michael’s side immediately, not wanting to be left alone) and walked down the road, toward the darkness.

“Let’s get off the road and go through here. It’s a short cut.” pulled her toward him, off the road.

She looked where he was walking toward and saw he meant cutting through a cemetery. Stella stopped in her tracks. “Is this really the short cut?” she heard her voice shake a little. I’m such a scaredy cat.

“Yep. Don’t worry.”

She slowly followed him, looking around her surroundings as she walked. As Stella was looking around, she accidentally walked into Michael, not realizing he had stopped walking. “Michael? What’s wrong?”

He turned around and looked at her with an intense look on his face. “Do you know why I asked you out, Stella?”

All the nerves from the movie were quickly replaced with the nerves from before the movie. Her heart was beating fast. She shook her head.

“I like the way that you dance. You’re not thinking about anything, you’re just dancing as yourself- free. I’ve watched you dance since the first class we ever had. I knew you were the one.”

Stella couldn’t believe what he said. He likes how I dance. He watched me. He knows I’m the one. Is this what I think it means?

He tilted his head closer to her and said to her, taking a deep breath, “I like you… I want you to be my girl.”

Stella held her breath, taking everything in. She nodded her head slowly and smiled. “I like you too! Yes, absolutely!” Without knowing what she was doing, she began hugging him, her face huddled in his chest.

As she was hugging him in the middle of the cemetery, lost in her bubbly happiness, Stella hadn’t noticed the creatures yet. Michael hugged her back gently, unalarmed and watching the creatures walking toward them.

When Stella finally let go and looked up to look at Michael, her happy face fell when she took notice of the creatures and took a good look at them.

They were surrounded by them. Ghouls. A masquerade of them just staring at her and Michael. Stella tried to scream, but she felt paralyzed. This must be my imagination because of that stupid movie, she thought crazily, closing her eyes and opening them again, horrified that they were all still there. They look so real.

Stella grabbed Michael’s arm, inching closer to him. “Michael. I’m scared. I think these are really monsters. Michael, let’s run now while we still can. They’re going to get us.” she shook his arm desperately. I have a bad feeling about this. And just when we started going out.

But Michael wasn’t responding. His back was turned, looking at the monsters, fearlessly. “Michael.” she said, a little more agitated. And then Michael turned.

Stella froze. Where Michael’s face should have been was instead a face of a monster- a zombie. Stella stumbled backward, backing away from this monster, horrified. It still resembles him a bit, but not really. What is going on?

She looked at the ghouls confused and back at the monster who used to be Michael. “Michael…?” she said trembling, unsure of who he is or what it is.

Just as Michael had done to her, the monster grinned at her, holding it’s hand out. “I did ask you if you want to be my girl. After all, it’s a thriller night? Can you dig it?”


Inspired by Michael Jackson’s iconic and legendary “Thriller”.

The Ghost With The Most

Fresh meat. How sweet, a girl so petite. She’s kind of scary looking, maybe even scarier than me. Who does she think she is? Moving into this dead beat.

I thought I was doing a pretty good job of giving live ones the creeps, but I guess someone wants to have a taste of my tricks and treats.

Wait till she gets a load of me.


I studied her, I mean I really studied her. And all this studying her got me feeling blue. Boo hoo, a live one got me feeling blue. I should start planning how I could make her feel like that too.

But something got me thinking she kind of already looks blue..

What’s your story, huh? If only I knew.

Tick Tock

Tick Tock

Tick Tock

Ladies and Gentleman, before the show starts, I would gladly like to share with all of you the bits of intriguing information I was able to gather during the intermission.

Now this girl, this girl, is all kinds of strange. Her aura is unbelievable I mean, I wish all you folks were able to see it. It’s just so painful to look at. You can tell she really hates herself. It’s a wonder why she even moved into a crummy place like this. Why move?

Go back to being sad from where ever you came from. Don’t lay this on me. What did I ever do to you? I’m the one who’s stuck here. I’m the ghost here. I should be the sad one.


So anyway, this girl likes your average Goth stuff, right? She’s totally just wasting her life away in this house, isolated from everyone. This girl hasn’t even gotten a single visitor yet in the new house. Do you even know how boring that is for me? It’s much more fun scaring the wits out of the live ones when they have guests over. All she ever does is sit at home taking pictures. Are you kidding me? If I were a live one, I would be anywhere but here.

Folks, she’s scary. I don’t even think she has a fear in the world. This is definitely the toughest live one I’ve ever had to deal with in my 600 years of haunting this rotten place.

Okay, okay I think you all get the idea. I’ve done my research on this moping chick. Let’s get to spooking.

Tick Tock

Tick Tock

Tick Tock

She snapped me. This Goth chick snaps a picture of me. Caught me on camera. I always thought I was pretty scary looking but she didn’t even flinch.

You guys are never going to believe this but… this isn’t her first picture of me. She knows me, seen me around the house. I thought I was all smooth, but I guess I’m losing my groove. She even asked me what being dead is like. And I told her.

“I’d rather be out there.”

“Out where?” she says.

“Not here.”


She just looked at me with a puzzled look on her face. I just sighed at her, the poor soul.

“You think you have the right to being blue? Your a live one, so you should be out there living like a live one.” I don’t know why I was saying it, but I was feeling pretty gutsy even though I have none myself, and I’ve never spoken to a live one like this before.

“Maybe I don’t want to be one of the live ones anymore.” She says. Hmph.

This facade she had was annoying me. Here was a live one acting more dead than me while if I had the chance to, I would be on the next plane outta here.

“You don’t know what you’re saying, you weird girl.” I was turning away from her, but then she goes, “Wait.” Wait for it.

Tick Tock

Tick Tock

Tick Tock

Remember that live one who just moved in? That Goth chick I was telling you about? Well, we’ve been spending some time together lately since she wants to be the sort of freak like me. And frankly, I’ve gotta get some things off my chest.

Sure she’s depressing when she talks dead to me, but there’s something about her that I like. I don’t really think she’s moping that much anymore, since we started conversing.

I tell her, “You don’t want to be dead like me yet. You have too much life in you, but you don’t know it yet.”

“And you’re probably the most lively ghost I’ll ever meet. You have more life in you than I ever will.” she tells me, sadly.


Tick Tock

Tick Tock

Tick Tock

I’m in deep. She’s talking about killing herself. Killing herself. And for what?

“We could be together forever.”

She’s fallen for the dead man. Who knew I even had game in me left? And I like her. I would like being together but…

“We can’t be together.” I tell her, even though I don’t want to be saying that.

Ladies and gentlemen, we’re going to have to go on brief intermission. I need a moment.

Tick Tock

Tick Tock

Tick Tock

And she’s gone. I finally got to her. I told her why. I don’t think I can repeat them again. But she did it for me. She’s going to live her life the way the ghost with the most life in him asked her to.

So here I am, back to square one: alone in this deadbeat, waiting for the next fresh meat for my ultimate tricks and treats.


And the next one.

And the next one.

And the next one.


This was inspired by Tim Burton’s Beetlejuice. 

Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice! Beetlejuice!

Remains of the Day

It was another rainy, dreary day. Erica turned in bed and just as expected, the other side was empty. She sighed and got up, already dreading the day and wishing she could go back and sleep forever. She looked around the bedroom and tried to remember why she had thought it was so beautiful before they moved in. It was elegant, she will admit, but she resented it.


She resented everything about this house. Ever since her and her fiancé moved in, she’s been miserable. Erica had thought living here was a great decision at first; it was big, two-stories, two balconies, five bedrooms, and four bathrooms. The land was large and the house was breathtaking; and it was for sale for an amazing price. It was too good to be true. She remembered how ecstatic her and Edward were when they heard the price. And then the realtor told us the story:

About the bride who lived here.


According to the realtor, a beautiful woman lived at this house with her mother and father. They were a very wealthy well-known family. Many suitors would come to the house, begging for their daughter’s hand in marriage however only one gentleman was able to steal her heart. She accepted his proposal and quickly, wedding preparations began. On the night of the wedding, when the bride was preparing, putting on her dress, she saw a figure behind her. Turning around, she realized the figure was her love with a dagger in his hand. The groom stabbed the bride in the chest. As she lay dying on the floor, unable to cry out for help, she watched her first love pocketing her jewelry and fled the scene swiftly. It was at that moment she vowed to find a love one day without betrayal- that she will forever be a bride, waiting for her one true love to come.


The realtor warned Erica and Edward that the bride was still roaming around the house, waiting for this groom to arrive. Erica had thought it was an impressive ghost story, but now she wished she had never heard it.

Ever since they moved in, Edward had been aimlessly sleepwalking. She heard him, numerous times, murmuring under his breathe about trying to find the corpse bride. One day, Erica had joked, “Edward, it seems like you prefer this corpse bride over your alive bride-to-be?”

Edward had chuckled and said how silly she was, but she saw his eyes change in that moment and immediately regretted saying it. His search for the corpse bride slowly turned into an obsession. Erica tried showing her annoyance to Edward that he was paying more attention to a dead woman who wasn’t even real then to his fiancé.

“Edward, enough is enough! No more talk about the corpse bride. I’m sick of this search for her. She’s not even real. The realtor probably made her up as a joke.” Erica was desperate. She remembered feeling exasperated and tired of hearing the same nonsense.

“You don’t understand anything, Erica. She’s real. The corpse bride is real. I saw her. She came to me in my dream. She said she’s waiting for me!” Edward raised his voice and looked at her like a madman.


Erica sadly looked at her fiancé, pitying him. She was hurt all over that he was dreaming about another woman. She had the feeling they were on the brink of their relationship. Erica was beginning to doubt if he even wanted to marry her. They weren’t even speaking to each other anymore, Erica miserably thought. She missed the times they had together before they moved in this house; those were the happiest times of their life. How much she wished they could go back to that.


Erica wondered where she would find Edward today. Every morning, he was somewhere new, searching pointlessly. She started making her way to the kitchen for a cup of coffee.

“Edward?” she called out. “Where are you this time?”

She pushed the swinging door to the kitchen and froze. “AHHHHHHH!”

Edward lay dead on the floor with his throat slit, kitchen knife in his hand. Erica couldn’t keep it down. She threw up on the kitchen floor, unable to comprehend what she was seeing. This can’t be. Edward can’t be dead. Yet she was shaking uncontrollably, her heart beating at an incredible rate.

She slowly approached Edward’s body, holding her mouth closed, afraid she might get sick again. She squinted at his body and let out a cry. “Edward. Edward. Edward. Edward.” She said his name like a trance.

Erica pictured Edward smiling at her like he used to do. She wailed hard, falling to the ground. He was gone from her forever. Erica began rocking back and forth, sobbing into her arms.

As Erica sat curled up crying on the floor next to the body of Edward, there came a cold chill. Erica lifted her head up with tears rolling down her cheeks and saw a woman.

She was beautiful, dressed in all white. But something about her was off, as if she really wasn’t there. Erica stared at her confused, lost in grief and unsure of what to do. The woman paid no attention to her. She bent down to Edward’s body and stroked his cheek.

“I’ve been waiting for you, my love.”


This was inspired by Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride. 

Child’s Play


I remember the first day I met Wendy. It was at the vintage doll store. She was sitting on the shelf next to all the other dolls who were all in pretty good condition despite being very old. I couldn’t say the same about Wendy, unfortunately.

Her porcelain skin was cracked in some places on her cheeks and the black velveteen dress she wore looked as if it were once beautiful, but now had a couple of stains. Her blonde hair was in an incredible tangle that was impossible to brush out.

Yet something about the way her eyes stared captivated me to become her owner. The feeling that I felt was indescribable… as if she were somehow luring me in. I begged my mother for her and my mother looked at me questionably.

“You’re sure that’s the doll you want? What about these, Annette? Don’t you like this doll?” my mother raised her eyebrows at me and pointed at the beautiful dolls that were next to Wendy.

I shook my head stubbornly and pointed at Wendy. “I want that one.”

Oh what a mistake that was.


Shortly after, I had Wendy sitting next to me in the car on my way home. I decided in the car that I was going to call her Jenny. Of course I had no idea at the time that that wasn’t her name. When I had gotten home, I showed her to my cat, Marie. “Look, Marie! This is my new doll, Jenny.”

Marie hissed and quickly tried to pounce on Wendy. “Hey! Leave Jenny alone, Marie. I don’t want her hurt anymore.”

I hugged Wendy protectively and went to my room. I perched Wendy against the wall so she was able to see my room fully. “Look, Jenny. This is my room. This is your room too now.”

And that’s when something unbelievable happened- Wendy stood up.

“My name isn’t Jenny. It’s Wendy.” she said in a squeaky voice. “Don’t ever call me that awful name again.”

My jaw dropped. I was shaking, unable to string words together. “How-how a-are you-?” I didn’t know how it was possible. I thought surely that I was dreaming. How I wish that it were just a dream.

“Annette, is it?” Wendy smiled at me in a way that I didn’t like very much. “We’re going to have so much fun together.”

Wendy didn’t move unless she was with me only. When we were around my parents, she was still.

“I’m going to play with Wendy now.” I told my parents.

My mom looked at me and at the doll and asked, “I thought you named her Jenny?”

“She doesn’t like the name Jenny. She told me her real name is Wendy.”

My parents exchanged looks at each other. “She said that?” my dad asked uncertainly.

I nodded. I grabbed Wendy and went to my room. “Annette, you can’t be telling your folks about me. They can’t know about me. It has to be a secret between us. Can you keep a secret?” Wendy said firmly with her squeaky voice.

I nodded slowly. “But why can’t I tell them?”

Wendy smiled that same smile that I didn’t like. “It’s not like they’ll believe you.”


That night, I remember waking up to a small whimpering sound coming from the hallway. I rolled out of bed, rubbed my eyes and yawned, and walked toward the sound. I jumped back, horrified, when I saw what was making that noise.

It was Marie lying on the ground with blood everywhere. I started crying and fell to the ground. “M-Marie..” I didn’t know what to do or how to help my poor cat.

“That damn cat was sneaking up on me. I had to teach it a little lesson.” Wendy came into view holding a bloody knife. She sneered at Winry in disgust. “It had it coming.”

“Why?” I sobbed, curling up on the ground looking helplessly at Marie dying.

I heard footsteps approaching. Wendy quickly fell to the ground. I hadn’t noticed she left the bloody knife next to me.

My parents ran in the hallway and stopped short when they saw the scene. They looked at me with wild eyes. “Annette? Why?” I heard my mother’s voice breaking.

I grabbed Wendy and shook her. “IT WAS HER. WENDY DID IT.” I was sobbing hysterically now. “SHE KILLED MARIE. WENDY’S ALIVE. I KNOW SHE’S ALIVE. WHY DON’T YOU SHOW THEM WENDY?”

My mother was crying into my father’s arms and my father’s face was filled with horror. “Annette… that’s just a doll.” his gaze fell to the knife next to me and I realized what they must be thinking.

I remembered Wendy’s awful smile and what she said.

“It’s not like they’ll believe you.”

This was inspired by Chucky from the movie Child’s Play.

Hidey-ho, come play with me.

The Craft

She’s a strange girl. A bit odd from the rest and you might say a little disconnected from the world.

Some people say she’s a witch; that she’s able to cast spells on people just by looking at them. It’s rumored that she can even ride the broomstick she carries to school everyday and back home. Someone even once told me they saw her eating a live caterpillar.

This girl’s name is Hannah Feer.

I noticed when I first saw her in class how far she tries to sit away from everyone. I noticed how quiet she spoke whenever the teacher called on her. And I also noticed how rude everyone spoke to her.

“The only thing I fear is the weird Hannah Feer!”


The whole school said that. It amazed me how unbothered Hannah looked from all the taunting. It made me sad when I realized she must be used to it by now.

Everyone knew about the Feer family and how they were a bit off.

They say Mrs. Feer is nutty which is why she never leaves the house and they say Mr. Feer is a rowdy man we should never cross.

Maybe I did it just to see what’ll happen or maybe I did it out of pity, but I wrote Hannah Feer’s name on my list of people I want to invite to my birthday party.

“Hannah? Hannah Feer?” my mom’s eyes went wide when she reached her name on the bottom of my list.

Seeing her reaction, I quickly told her it was a mistake.

On the day of my birthday party, I saw Hannah with her broomstick, walking home from school as usual. I thought about approaching her and asking her to stop by, but I quickly changed my mind ashamed at myself for thinking that she might cast a spell on me for not inviting her in the first place.


But I thought of Hannah when my friends arrived. I thought of Hannah when we played games. I thought of Hannah when I blew out my birthday candles. I thought of Hannah after the party was over.

And as I was looking at the window thinking what it would have been like if Hannah Feer had been at my birthday party, I saw a figure in the night sky. I rubbed my eyes and looked back again, but it was gone.

The next day, Hannah didn’t come to school, but the police did. They questioned us about her- who does Hannah talk to? Where does she hang out? What kind of girl is Hannah Feer?


“She’s a witch. The only thing I fear is the weird Hannah Feer.”

According to the news, Mr. Feer was pronounced dead by the time the police arrived at the house. Mrs. Feer was found crying in a closet rocking back and forth. Their daughter, Hannah Feer, is reported missing. No one knows her whereabouts.

I thought about the figure I saw last night and wondered.. Where that strange girl Hannah Feer is now and if she still has her broomstick.