Went went to Smorgasburg today

….and went into a food coma.

There was so many different food there, it was crazy! I was getting full just looking at everything. Everything there looked so delicious. It was very hot today, so it was convenient that they had free water for everyone.


I actually drank out of a pineapple today. It was pretty great.

They also had watermelons and grapefruit. The dragonfruit and oranges were sold out though.

Afterwards, we walked around Little Italy and Soho, looking at all of the amazing street art.


This one was still in the works and we watched a guy spraying the tiger for a bit. It is already so amazing

I had a fun weekend altogether. The other night I was hanging out with some of my friends and that was also a good time.

And now it’s back to Monday.


I hope everyone has a great Monday xx


Feeling Free!

Our pool is done and we have been swimming nonstop!

It is so refreshing to come home after a long day of nonsense and taking a dip in the pool. Night time swims are the best. The pink light is my favorite and is the most aesthetically pleasing.

Eid has passed and we took some awesome pictures outside by the pool.

We used to never go in our backyard but now, we’re there all the time. We never want to leave. We have such cute floats for the pool and amazing landscaping/plants that are being taken care of by my parents. I can’t believe it is our backyard, it’s still so unreal.

We’ve also had a few people over our house already to enjoy it with us. Yesterday was a lot of fun because it was actually mine and my sister’s first full day out by the pool when the sun was out. We’re always at work and come home right when the sun goes away, we really relaxed ourselves yesterday.

We had a couple people over yesterday and had a lot of fun playing volleyball. My sister and I were even sitting by our waterfall and pretending that we were mermaids haha 😀

After it got a little later out, a bunch of girls and I spontaneously decided to go to Hoboken for some dinner. We wanted to get a dinner crepe, walk around a little bit, and go back from some dessert crepes mmhmm :p

Since it was my first full day out in the sun by the pool, I am pretty dark right now. I’m lucky I tan nicely. I’m usually the tannest one in my family by the end of the summer.

I hear a bunch of fireworks right now! I’m sitting outside on the sun bed writing this right now with a beautiful view.


I hope I’ll get to swim as good as Haru-chan. (Free!)

The Last Grad

My little bro graduated from high school!


I’m so happy and proud of him. I can’t even believe that he graduated. He’s still just a little boy in my eyes ;( But alas, he is growing older and I have no choice but to accept this.


And since he’s the youngest in our family, that means my parents don’t have any kids in high school anymore which is weird and relieving at the same time.


So, Ahmedcan has a weird thing about Shrek (the entire internet does tbh) and even decorated his cap… with Shrek’s face on it. I gave him the suggestion for the “It’s All Ogre Now” and he loved it.


He really stuck out in the crowd because he’s so tall + it was hard to miss Shrek’s face.

Aaah high school, it really brought back memories… however, I don’t really miss it.


When any of our family members are graduating, we tend to stick out at every graduation since we always seem to have the largest group of people.

After the graduation ceremony, everyone went to our house to celebrate in the pool!

The pool is finally done and we’ve been going in it almost every day since it finished. It’s amazing and we literally cannot believe that this is our backyard now. It is unreal.


We’ll be swimming all summer!

Good night! xx

Sleep No More

For my 21st birthday, my mom surprised me with tickets to a show called Sleep No More in NYC!


This show is based off of William Shakespeare’s Macbeth. I’ve never heard about it before until my mom told me about it. My mom had heard about Sleep No More from a friend months ago and ever since she found out about it, she told me she had been thinking of bringing me here for my birthday. She knew it was going to be the type of place I was definitely going to enjoy from how scary and strange it sounded.

Going to this show was a very interesting experience, nothing I’ve ever experienced before. We had to wear the white masks in the picture above the whole time we were there and just follow the actors and actresses around. I highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys slightly creepy yet artistically beautiful things. All of the characters did a wonderful job and I appreciated the interior designs of every room and how much work they put into props and details.


Unfortunately on the day that we went, it was raining pretty hard in the city and it was a bit chilly, so we were all huddled up under our umbrellas.


After Sleep No More we went to Ellen’s Stardust Diner, a famous diner in Timesquare with live performances done by the waiters and waitresses. I’ve been there once before and just like the first time, I enjoyed it so much. It was fun singing along to all the songs especially since they sang very well known songs. In the last year, 26 people who have worked there left for Broadway which I think is incredible. They were all so extremely talented.


On my actual birthday, I didn’t really do much except be with my family since it was also Mother’s Day.


However, we did go to the park and reminisce all the times we used to play there. And then my parents played a bit themselves and had a competition on the spider web. It was fun just playing in the park together like we used to do back then. Just like old times.


I had a a very different birthday celebration this year! XX

Mother Knows Best

Hello, blogging world. Today is my 21st birthday. More importantly, it’s Mother’s Day.

My first birthday party

I’m lucky enough to have my birthday fall on Mother’s Day this year because literally without my mom, I wouldn’t be here.


My mom went through a very tough pregnancy with me. She had to go to the hospital within those long 9 months every other day for a checkup because of how risky it was for me and for her as well. There was always that possibility for everything to go wrong, but my mom did everything she could to keep me safe. It’s lucky that I’m even here. Seeing all the things she has done for her family just to make us happy makes me want to be a mother like her someday. I hope I get to be the woman that she is.

not to brag, but out of my three siblings, everyone says I was the cutest baby ay

Without mothers, none of us would be here. They take care of us from the moment they find out they’re pregnant. They’re the ones who carry us and who will always be there for us.

To have my birthday on Mother’s Day, especially this year, is an honor for me. On January 21, 2017, history was made. The 2017 Women’s March. A worldwide protest that women’s rights are human rights. A protest for racial equality, the LGBTQ community, freedom of religion, healthcare, and for our environment. This year was big for us women. And the strongest women I know are our mothers.

Babaanne & Anneanne

This post is for all mothers, grandmas, sisters, daughters, aunts, nieces, cousins, step-mothers, and for the fathers who are also mothers.

I love you Annem ❤

Happy Mother’s Day 🙂

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Everything is blooming at around this time.

Just when you thought you could walk outside or enjoy a nice picnic on the grass next to the dandelions, the sky is covered with clouds again.

And the shower beings.


The first few raindrops fall gently on your cheek- then all at once.

Hair soaked, sundress sticky, umbrella broken, thunder roaring.

The fog has taken over and no one can hear anyone through this downpour.

This outburst.

And as quick as it began, it stopped.

You have to rub your  eyes to make sure you’re seeing this correctly (or perhaps because they were itchy in the first place)

Because the only thing you can see were pastel perfect colors, the green as vibrant as ever, and hear the buzzing and chirping of the bees and birds.

It’s as if it never happened.


The sunshine hits your skin and you try your best to breathe in this beautiful air through your constant sniffles and sneezes.

Take it all in.

Embrace the dirt, the puddles, the daisies, and tiny pebbles.

Celebrate like it’s the fourteenth day of May.

These outbursts of showers bring a gift to the earth of blooming, lively flowers.




❤ April 18 1992 ❤

Happy 25th Anniversary to my Anne & Baba! Size seviyorum!


Love. Aşk. Amore. Sevgi.

Bu aşktır – This is love

The loving relationship I see between my parents is everything. And still after 25 years,

they’re still goals.


I wrote down how my parents feel & what comes to mind when they think about each other or when they’re together. Here’s what they said about each other:

Anne to Baba

  • he’s always there for me
  • the right decision
  • Enjoyment
  • benim aşkim
  • ser serim
  • bebeğim
  • hayatim
  • kocacim
  • comfortable, safe, in love
  • nazlı
  • güvenilir
  • inatçi
  • mutlu
  • funny
  • workaholic, kebabçi
  • my other half

Baba to Anne

  • my life
  • huzurum
  • respect
  • canim
  • cenneteki arkadaşim
  • nazlı
  • şimarik
  • nazik, sarin, olgun
  • çok hisli
  • yufla, yufka, yürekli
  • very sensitive
  • one of a kind
  • sevecen
  • she never thinks badly of anyone
  • iyi bir eş, iyi bir Anne, iyi bir kardeş, iyi bir evlat
  • Yaradana çok yakin

Most of the words were said in Turkish, so I just wrote down whatever I heard, without any translations. Some words have much more meaning in one language & sounds totally different in another language.


“Ben Leylayı Mecnunu Ferhatı Aslıyı
Keremi Bilmem Ama
Bağdatı Iki Gözüm Kapalı Bulabilirim…”

– “Bağdat” by Ayla Çelik

I love you Annem & Baba! Happy anniversary ❤ 


Crystal Weekend

I went to some crystal shops over the weekend!


I went with my good friend, Laura. I didn’t have much crystals, but now my small collection has finally gotten bigger! We’ve been talking for a while now about going & it was so much fun. So peaceful, so chill. A great Saturday.


We were both mesmerized by this one Blue Goldstone which was breathtaking. A picture doesn’t even do it justice. It’s just so beautiful. It reminds me of the night sky. I love it so much. I ended up buying it & I’m so glad I did.

Starry night

I also saw some animals made of crystals which I thought was interesting. They each had their own meaning according to animal. I thought of my siblings when I saw them so I got each of us an animal.

My sister has the elephant, I have the owl, and my brother has the wolf.

My sister loves anything underwater related because she loves mermaids, so I thought of her when I saw this abalone shell. It looked like something she could use to put her jewelry in. Not pictured: I got my brother a shark tooth!


I love looking at my desk now and seeing my new purchases! It makes me so happy 😀

IMG_7433IMG_7434And finally, on Sunday, we had our family breakfast at our house this time!

The usual gang

I don’t have a picture of what the table looked like ( 😦 ) but i can tell you that everything tasted delicious. Of course, we went all out & we had so much food.


have a nice week! xx

I Belong To Me

The entire sea was swarming when news of Princess Aqua’s wedding was announced. Fish from different parts of the sea were swimming as fast as their tails can take them to the Atlantic Kingdom.

Aqua has never seen so many Merfolk in one kingdom altogether. The mermaid was sitting on a reef, watching the different fish arriving in the kingdom, amazed that they would all come just for her wedding.

For as long as Aqua could remember, she has been betrothed to Prince Kai of the Pacific Kingdom. “Everything is arranged,” her father, King Deniz, told her when she was still just a little mermaid. “Once you marry Prince Kai at 18, you will be fit to be a Queen. I’m sure he will be a very suitable merman for you. I took care of everything for you.” he beamed at her, expecting Aqua to thank him, to be happy, but all Aqua could remember was feeling sad and wanting to scream and cry at him.

Instead, she mustered a forced smile and pretended to look ecstatic for her father’s sake.

“Aqua, you must take care of your sea shells. Make sure you look presentable when you see Kai.”

“Don’t flap your tail too much when you swim, Aqua. You look like a dolphin when you do that.”

“If you keep eating that way, Kai will mistaken you for a whale!”

For years, Aqua has been hearing King Deniz’s voice in her ear, trying to control her. For years, Aqua has been trying not to let him get to her. But it wasn’t just King Deniz who was getting to her, but also Kai. Whenever she was seen swimming with other merman who were her friends, Kai always commented on it.

“Aqua, we’re betrothed. I think other Merfolk will start to get ideas about you when they see you swimming with the other merman. And frankly, I don’t think I’m too comfortable seeing you in the company of them either.” Kai told her.

And kept telling her, persistently.

Aqua sighed loudly as she looked at all the Merfolk’s excited faces for her wedding. If only they knew how badly I don’t want to marry, she thought sadly. Bored of watching all the fish arriving, Aqua looked up at the surface. Perhaps I should go up to the surface for old time sake, she thought, before I become a married mermaid.

She swam up like she has done so many times before and took a deep breathe when her face was out of the water.


It was no water, but air felt good too. She wondered how frequently she will be able to get away with this once she becomes married.

As Aqua was deep in thought about married life, she heard a voice. “AHOY THERE! DO YOU NEED HELP?”

Startled, Aqua jumped up in fear, her tail splashing water everywhere, and quickly turned around, only to find there was a boat about 400 feet away from her that she hadn’t noticed. Stupid. How did I not see? 

She saw it was a sailor, maybe about her age. He was standing on the tip of his boat with his two feet, staring at her with his eyes squinted. “Sweet Davy Jones..” she heard him say. This poor sailor was lost for words.

Aqua is aware of the law between Merfolk. Contact with humans are forbidden and unforgivable, but Aqua couldn’t help picturing her father and Kai, controlling her every move. I deserve a little fun. 

She swam dramatically towards the sailor and his boat, emphasizing the movement of her tail. Aqua saw the amazement on the sailor’s face. She could hear him chuckling under his breath. When she reached his boat,  she looked up at him.

“Am I dreaming?” he whispered.

Aqua shook her head.

She saw the sailor’s eyes staring at her face and slowly moving down to her seashells than to her tail. “You are beautiful.”

Aqua blushed, moving her hair in front of her face so he wouldn’t see.

“The other guys are going to go crazy once I show them you.” he muttered under his breathe.

Aqua looked up at him puzzled. She saw the sailor’s hands were behind him, holding onto something. “Don’t move.” he said sternly to her. “I’m not going to hurt you.” he stepped closer towards her, this time the net he was carrying behind him was visible to Aqua.

Aqua swam back suddenly, sensing danger. Just as she was about to abandon ship, she felt a net on top of her. “Aha! Gotcha!”

Aqua was writhing under the net, water splashing everywhere. She felt the sailor’s cold hands on her arms, trying to take her out of the water.

“Calm down, okay? You’re mine now. There’s no point. You’re not going anywhere.”

Aqua looked at his face disgusted and screamed as loud as she can. I’m not his! Aqua yanked her arms out of his grip and jumped up at the sailor’s face, grabbing onto his shoulders and pushing him down toward her. He’s just someone else trying to control her again.

The sailor lost his balance and fell off the boat. With all her strength, Aqua dragged him down inside the water. She looked at the sailor’s face now, filled with fear, trying to swim back to surface, but his legs and arms were tangled up in the net on top of Aqua. He could hear his muffled underwater screaming. Stupid. 

I won’t let you or anyone else control me like I’m nothing.

And with that, Aqua dragged the sailor even farther down towards the bottom of the dark ocean.


Happy International Women’s Day!

In my opinion, I think mermaids are one of the most feminine creatures, which is why I chose to write a story about a mermaid. She didn’t like her life being controlled which I think a lot of females can relate to. I wanted this story to emphasize how powerful we girls are and that we are able to make our own decisions. Our bodies are our bodies. You don’t belong to anyone but yourself. It is okay to stand up for yourself and do what you believe is right without fear. We are one with the people.

The future is female. 


Super Sappy

❤ Happy Valentines Day! ❤


Being someone who doesn’t have a Valentine, I really do like Valentines Day. I think it’s cute that we all take the time to celebrate the feeling of *love* and from all around the world. We can use a whole lotta love. Therefore, I wanted to share a lovey dovey playlist and some movies/show recommendations for V day!


Super Sappy Playlist

1. “My Girl” by The Temptations
2. “Keep On Loving You” by REO Speedwagon
3. “I Wanna Be Yours” by Arctic Monkeys
4. “Love On The Brain” by Rihanna
5. “If It Means A Lot To You” by A Day To Remember
6. “Let Me Love You” by Mario
7. “Give Me Love” by Ed Sheeran
8. “03′ Bonnie & Clyde” by Jay-Z feat. Beyonce
9. “When The Day Met The Night” by Panic! At The Disco
10. “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out” by The Smiths
11. “We Belong Together” by Richie Valens
12. “fallingforyou” by The 1975
13. “With Me” by Sum 41
14. “My Boo” by Usher & Alicia Keys
15. “Can’t Help Falling In Love With You” by Elvis Presley
16. “Always” by Blink-182
17. “I’ll Be” by Edwin McCain
18. “Fly Me To The Moon” by Frank Sinatra
19. “Best I Ever Had” by Drake
20. “Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You” by Frank Valli
21. “Fantasy” by Mariah Carey

I hope you enjoy the playlist!

The first movie I’d like to recommend is this:


The Age of Adeline (2015)

I just watched it this year and I have to say, this is probably one of my most favorite movies. Watching this movie kind of reminded me a little bit of reading. I don’t know if that makes sense, but I felt like I was reading the book as I was watching it. One of the themes in this movie, I noticed, was literature. The narrator is speaking like they’re reading a book to you. I just felt like this movie was very different and definitely worth watching.


The Sea Prince and the Fire Child (1981)

This is an anime film, by Sanrio. It is a very cute movie which children can watch too! It’s extremely similar to Romeo and Juliet. I love the relationship between Syrius and Malta. This one is also one of my favorites.


A Walk To Remember (2002)

Nicholas Sparks has quite a lot of books that became a film afterwards, but A Walk To Remember stands out to me the most. The Notebook is definitely the most iconic that everyone knows, but that has it’s own style and A Walk To Remember has it’s own. I think that this film is very cute and a real tearjerker.


Il Postino: The Postman (1994)

This is an Italian film that I watched in my Introduction to Poetry I class. There is some romance, but this movie is focused more on poems and writing. However, I think that this movie has a Valentines Day feel to it, even if the love is in poetry. The romance that is in this film is totally cute though.


You’re Beautiful (2009) also known as He’s Beautiful

Now, this isn’t a movie. This is a Korean Drama, 16 episodes. This has a lot of romance and comedy. I love romantic comedies so if you do too, this is a winner. I actually got one hour of sleep one night because I was up watching this and I needed to know what was going to happen. When I finished this, I went through a really bad post-series depression. Not going to lie, but this one hit me pretty hard. (I’m still not over it tbh). This drama got a cult following and had many remakes done, so you know it’s a good one.

Lastly, I wanted to share a manga that will ruin your life.


Fruits Basket (1998-2006)

When I finished this, I went through SERIOUS post-series depression and I’m probably never going to be over it. This is also an anime as well, but I loved the manga even more, mostly because the manga still continued while the anime stopped short and never continued with the show unfortunately. I believe 12 collector’s edition are going to be coming out, but so far, only 1-9 has been released. As they are being released, I’ve been buying them. My reaction when I saw the first one was probably priceless because I think I freaked out.

And that is all! I hope you enjoyed my recommendations and get a chance at checking them out.

v day mood

Happy Valentines Day everyone! xoxoxoxoxo